Issue Number 176

August 2014


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Pie Maker’s Tools

Market Wares — 4.
The Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle

Hat Stretcher

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.7 —
Acanthus Leaves and Flowers

Carving an Owl

Six Science Fiction Miniatures

Notes on Woodturning Pt.17B
Turning a Lamp Base with Feet

Beginner Project #15 — Tall Vase



Table of Contents


Ken Newton's Twisted Turnings
by Neil Scobie
Australian-born turner, Ken Newton, now a long-term resident of New Zealand's South Island, has turned his pattern making background into a passion for ornamental turning.

Australian Scroll Saw Exhibition
Held in May this year, the Exhibition marked the 10th Anniversary of the Australian Scroll Saw Network, an Australia wide Club for scrollers.

Howard Combes intricate trinket box with 14 compartments - some hidden, some sliding - and a hidden coin collection tray, plus Bill McLeary's turned and carved pieces.

Feast Watson Crackle Lacquer

Opaque coatings are useful for transforming workpieces made from bland timber into something much more attractive. Crackle Lacquer gives a distressed vintage look to the piece.

Arbortech Random Contour Sander

by Michael Nash
Designed around an innovative eccentric shaft, Arbortech's new 50mm dia. sander has a truly random action, with improved access to concave and convex surfaces. It works quickly, leaving a mark-free finish.

Hammer A3 26 Planer/Thicknesser

This compact full-featured planer/thicknesser can be purchased with the Silent-POWER Cutter Block, a spiral cutter design that was specifically developed for the Hammer/Felder ranges to give optimum performance.

Club Drumbeat
The Bega District Woodcraft Association Inc (NSW), also known as the Bega Woodies.

Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
Details of the 2014 Shows in Canberra and Melbourne.

Drills and Drilling
The majority of woodworking projects require a hole or number of holes to be drilled at some stage, yet a clean accurate hole can be a challenge. In the 31st article in our Beginner's Series we look at the options for drilling a hole and the choices that are more likely to bring success.

Woodturning Demonstration and Teaching Anecdotes
by John Ewart


Pie Maker's Tools
by Aaron Ehrlich
Most turners are familiar with the Baker's Rolling Pin, but what about the other styles of pin and the all-important pie dolly? These items are interesting to turn and make great presents for the chef in your family.

Market Wares - 4.
The Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle

by Reg Cooke
Any woodworker can make this device but not every woodworker can master it. Make one or more for yourself and others and see if you can make the propeller spin at your command.

Hat Stretcher
by Aaron Ehrlich
If you own a hat or two, you'll appreciate this hat stretcher.

Before You Say 'Yes'
by Harry Ellis
While it's pleasing to do a friend or family member a good turn by making something from wood, Harry points out that some jobs are much bigger than they first appear and some caution in saying 'Yes' is advisable.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.7 -
Acanthus Leaves and Flowers

by Mike Davies
Acanthus motifs are a very traditional design and form a good introduction to flora carving generally. This project also introduces a move towards work that is more three dimensional.

Carving an Owl
by Frank Rowe
Frank describes the carving of an owl, using a bandsaw to rough the blank.

Six Science Fiction Miniatures
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn provides six miniatures which are quite quick to burn yet cover a number of techniques.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.17B
Turning a Lamp Base with Feet

by John Ewart
John details the turning of both the circular base and the segmental feet.

Beginner Project #15 - Tall Vase
by Ken Wraight
Tall vases are usually avoided by novices due to the hollowing tools required, but this design avoids the problem by using two disc shapes glued together for the vase.

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Book Reviews
Sam Maloof: Woodworker
by Sam Maloof
Chip Carving Workshop
by Lora S Irish

DVD Review
Jarrah Burr Hollow Form with Pewter Finial
by Simon Hope