Issue Number 175

June 2014


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Creating a Wooden Bike Frame

Tea-Light Lightboats

Orchid Fall

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.6 - Letter Carving

Magical Wooden Egg

Notes on Woodturning Pt.17A - Making the Stem of a Table Lamp

Bandsawn Boxed Candlestick

Beginner Project #14 - Coffee Pod Carousel



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USER REPORT - Laguna 14lTwelve 14" Bandsaw
by Allen Barrett
Weighing over 100kg, capable of resawing boards up to 335mm and equipped with a number of innovative features, this machine sets a new standard for 14" bandsaws.

Cardinia Grand Art Exhibition
This year for the first time, the Cardinia Grand Art Exhibition in Pakenham VIC included three categories of 'wood art', displaying aesthetic woodworking to an audience more familiar with two-dimensional paintings.

Red Cedar - Red Gold
In his three book series based on the fictional town of Brown's Landing, Ian Ridgway weaves fact and fiction together to produce an entertaining story of Australia's forestry and woodworking past. One set has been donated for a reader giveaway.

15 Years of SAturn
by Cate Wrigley
A conflict of scheduling has spelt the end of one of Australia's longest running woodturning weekends. Cate reflects on the fun and fellowship that the event brought to many turners.

Clear or Fuzzy?
An update of an article that appeared in AWW #155, this guide gives tips on how to prepare photographs suitable for publication in The Australian Woodworker.

USER REPORT - Feast Watson Sanding Sealer
Sanding sealers are often mentioned in woodworking texts but their application is not always understood. We try out Feast Watson's Sanding Sealer.

USER REPORT - SawStop Professional 10" Table Saw
by Stuart Duffy
Sitting between the entry level Contractor's Saw and the heavy duty Industrial Saw, the Professional model from SawStop will suit many hobby and small shop applications while offering the unique SawStop safety feature.

Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
Details of the 2014 Shows in Brisbane and Sydney.

Club Drumbeat
Wonthaggi Woodcrafters Inc (VIC) celebrate their Silver Anniversary.

Feast Watson Reader Giveaway
Projects from our final four winners.


Creating a Wooden Bike Frame
by Nic Roberts
Nic's skateboard in last year’s AWW laid the groundwork for his more ambitious project - a wooden bike frame. While it involved countless hours of work, the result is a unique and fully functional wooden-framed mountain bike.

Market Wares - 3. Tube Squeezer and Tea-Light Lightboats
by Peter Fogelman & Alison Burns
Peter describes his simple to make tube squeezer for toothpaste, water paint, etc, while Alison makes an attractive tea-light holder on the bandsaw.

Orchid Fall
by Carolyn McCully
Having created this image as a watercolour, Carolyn uses the pattern to burn a monochrome piece of pyrography.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.6 - Letter Carving
by Mike Davies
Letter carving is a handy skill for any woodworker. In addition to the obvious application for wooden signs, carving can also be used to permanently 'sign' your woodworking with a distinctive logo.

Magical Wooden Egg
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron is back with another magical trick - the egg that slides or stops on the string at your command.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.17A - Making the Stem of a Table Lamp
by John Ewart
John details the drilling and turning of the stem for a table top lamp.

Bandsawn Boxed Candlestick
by John Swinkels
A twist on the conventional bandsawn box, John makes a candlestick with its own storage unit. The design is machined from a single block of wood and requires the bandsaw’s ability to resaw and cut curves.

Beginner Project #14 - Coffee Pod Carousel
by Ken Wraight
This 'trendy' project will have even your non-woodworking coffee-drinking friends admiring your handiwork. It is a challenging piece which will take some time and patience to turn accurately, but if you've been following Ken's series, you should be pleased with your finished carousel.

Other Features

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Book Reviews
False Graining Techniques
by Jim King & Beth Oberholtzer

Make a Windsor Chair with Mike Dunbar
by Mike Dunbar
Handsaw Essentials
by Christopher Schwarz
Hybrid Woodworking
by Marc Spagnuolo

DVD Review
Satellite Bowl
by Mick Hanbury
From a Tree to a Bowl
by Guy Ravine