Issue Number 173

February 2014


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Market Wares - 2. Drink Coasters

A Segmented Vase from a Different Angle

Dowel Joints - 2. Workshop-made Dowel Jigs

Bear at the Zoo

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.4 - Guilloche

Notes on Woodturning Pt.16A - Turning a Platter from Dressed Timber

Beginner Project #12 - Desktop Organiser



Table of Contents


Dremel Won by SA Reader
Hanna Law won the Dremel MotoSaw, worth $129, in last issue's giveaway.

Handsome & Co School of Fine Woodworking & Design
Blurring the lines between hobbyist and professional, this new enterprise offers workspace and tuition to novices and aspiring furniture makers.

SAND-FLEE 900 Competition
Name SAND-FLEE's new curly sanding mops and you could win a SAND-FLEE 900 Drum Sander.

Feast Watson Giveaway
Feast Watson are giving away 12 timber care product packs, worth $125 each, to AWW readers. This issue we've published the first four winners.

A Touch of Fantasy
by John Roberts
John produces a wealth of carvings, mostly of castles and dragons, using a very small workshop based on Dremel rotary tools.

Restoring the Shape of a Waterstone
by Stan Watson DMT
For those who prefer to use a waterstone to sharpen their tools, a diamond lapping plate still has its uses.

Geared Wooden Clocks with a Coil-Driven Pendulum
by Bob Webb
These clocks were popular a century ago. Making a modern version requires skills in woodturning, clockmaking and electronics.

USER REPORT - Arbortech Mini-TURBO
by M Nash
What started out as a small brother to the TURBOplane has become a versatile woodworking tool with a variety of unexpected applications.

Club Drumbeat
by Associate Editor, George Hatfield
The Sydney Woodturning Guild celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Jason Breach's Boxes
A feature demonstrator at this year’s Turnfest, Jason has made his name turning his Orbital Arc Box series and stacking Pagoda Boxes.

The Stanley 72 Chamfer Plane
by Harry Ellis
Harry explains his fondness for the Stanley 72, a tool he often uses when making his woodworking projects.


Market Wares - 2. Drink Coasters
by Adam Browning
Drink coasters are relatively simple to make. The trick is to make them appealing and develop ways to produce them in quantity efficiently.

A Segmented Vase from a Different Angle
by Alan McNaught
Inspired by a photograph of a vessel by Peter Arenskov, Alan developed a method for making his vase which represents a departure from the typical divided ring form of segmented turning.

Dowel Joints - 2. Workshop-made Dowel Jigs
by Richard Collins
In this issue Richard explains how he makes his own dowel jigs for accurate drilling of joints with multiple dowels.

Bear at the Zoo
by Carolyn McCully
A family outing provides the subject for this issue’s pyrography project. For this piece, the background is far more detailed and challenging than the animal itself.

Getting the Best Out of Your Tablesaw - 4
The 29th in our Beginner's Series, in this issue we look at what's involved in shaping raised panels on the table saw.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.4 - Guilloche
by Mike Davies
Originating in ancient Greece and Rome, these days the guilloche decoration is more widely associated with the popular Celtic carving motifs. Mike describes how to set in and layer these patterns with intertwining bands, using the starter carving tool set.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.16A - Turning a Platter from Dressed Timber
by John Ewart
John details the turning of a platter with finger grip and top mould, noting the technique required to cut with and not against the grain.

Beginner Project #12 - Desktop Organiser
by Ken Wraight
This attractive and functional organiser is relatively simple to turn, but accuracy in setting out and assembly is essential.

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Old Time Whittling
by Keith Randich
Pyrography Basics
by Lora S. Irish