Issue Number 172

December 2013

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Market Wares - 1 Christine’s Trivet

Bone Turning

Decorative Towel Rail

Beginner Project #11 -
Table or Mantel Clock

Dowel Joints - 1. Joint Design

Little Swamp Critter

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.3 -
Flat Carving

Kid's Clocks

Notes on Woodturning Pt.15B
Turning a Goblet


Table of Contents


Bandsaw Survey 2013
Since the bandsaw can be the most important and most used cutting machine in your workshop, it's worth looking at the options before purchasing one.

Dixie Biggs - Carved Turnings
A feature demonstrator at Turnfest 2014, Dixie specialises in intricate carvings on turned shapes.

Vic Wood Receives US Award
Vic's contribution to woodturning over several decades was recognised by a Lifetime Achievement Award presented at this year's Utah Symposium.

USER REPORT - Arbortech TURBOplane
by Maricha Oxley
Maricha trials the new power carving attachment for 100-115mm angle grinders from Arbortech.

Club Drumbeat
The Ipswich Woodcrafters Inc celebrate 25 years.

A Black Wattle Ladder at the Chelsea Flower Show
by Brendan Stemp
A long-time association leads to an Australian turner building a seven metre long ladder for the world’s most prestigious flower show.

Restoration of a Horse-drawn Sulky Seat
by Reg Cooke
Reg assists in the restoration of his great grandparents' sulky for the local museum.

USER REPORT - Perma-Grit Flexible Strips
by Maricha Oxley
Something different in the way of abrasives, this very longlasting tungsten carbide material can be cut with scissors so you can make your own sanding tools.

Hit & Miss Engine
by Ron Girdler
Replicating metal machines and contraptions in wood offers a variety of challenges for the woodturner. Ron has had a fascination with this type of project and this time he has made a 'hit & miss' combustion engine.


Market Wares - 1 Christine’s Trivet
by Adam Browning
This is the first in a series of woodworking projects, designed to be suitable for production/multiple use, for sale at local markets.

Bone Turning
by Greg Ellis
Greg explores the world of bone turning. It employs similar techniques to woodturning, but due to the limited size of the raw material, most items are small or miniature turnings.

Decorative Towel Rail
by Harry Ellis
Since wood doesn't rust, Harry made this replacement towel rail inspired by the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau styles.

Beginner Project #11 - Table or Mantel Clock
by Ken Wraight
Ken turns a clock mount based on the design of the lid for Vic Wood's signature boxes.

Dowel Joints - 1. Joint Design
by Richard Collins
Like all woodworking connections, dowel joints are most effective when designed correctly and used for suitable applications.

Little Swamp Critter
by Carolyn McCully
After last issue’s serious T-Rex, Carolyn offers this simpler whimsical pyrography piece.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.3 - Flat Carving
by Mike Davies
Having covered tools and sharpening, Mike moves on to the first type of carving to be covered in this series - flat carving, a style associated with decorating furniture.

Kid's Clocks
by Don Phillips
Three clock ideas for personalised Christmas or birthday presents.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.15B Turning a Goblet
by John Ewart
Having prepared the blank last issue, John turns the goblet to its final shape.

Getting the Best Out of Your Tablesaw - 3
The 28th in our Beginner's Series, we look at cutting tenons on the tablesaw.

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Book Reviews
Handplane Essentials
by Christopher Schwarz
Christmas Ornaments for Woodworking
by Rick and Karen Longabaugh