Issue Number 171

October 2013

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Notes on Woodturning Pt.15A
Turning a Goblet - Preparation

The Fruit Platter

Terrible T. Rex

Decorating Turning with Metal Spinning

Mastering a Rustic Mortice & Tenon Joint

Working with the Gifkins Jig - Pt.5
Sewing or Hobby Box

Beginner Project #10 -
3˝ Minute Egg Timer


Table of Contents


Harold Manwaring's Traction Engine
Having built air operated models of a steam locomotive and a stationary beam engine, Harold is back with a traction engine. Like his previous models, everything 'works', reflecting his skills in woodworking and fitting & turning.

Joey Richardson - Turned Wood Art
Joey promotes her pierced, textured and coloured pieces as artistic woodturning and is keen to have woodturning recognised as an art form.

USER REPORT - Marcus Art Water Based Shellac
by Paul Gregson (Assoc. Editor)
Paul trials an aqueous varnish in different applications.

Woodworking Blogs
by Tom Sheppard
A fan of woodworking blogs, Tom explains the differences between blogs and web sites, what to look for and how to start your own.

John Meikle's spinning wheel and John Hamilton’s wooden chain, complete with swivel link.

Great Australian Crosscut Saw Race
After 126 shows over 22 years, Stan still excites audiences and participants alike with his saw races.

Mark Parkinson - From Antiques to Modern Clocks
Born in England and now living in Perth, Mark has had a varied career in woodworking, from making period style furniture to selling furniture on the Internet to making modern clocks of metal and wood.

Club Drumbeat
After 33 years, the Yarra Turners have called it a day. One of Victoria's oldest Clubs, in its heyday it had a great influence on the development of turning in Australia.

Melbourne T&WW Show
At a new venue this year, the Melbourne event is the final Timber & Working with Wood Show for 2013 and continues the Come, Try, Learn & Buy theme.

by Neil Scobie
A maker of high quality custom made furniture and a woodworking teacher, Neil has an interest in blades that cut well and leave a clean finish.

A Glimpse of History
Bryson Gale has written a history of the Edward Hill furniture company, Sydney (1917-1964).


Working with the Gifkins Jig - Pt.5
Sewing or Hobby Box

by Don Phillips
This laminated box overcomes the resawing limitations of a smaller bandsaw and offers an unusual sliding half lid design which can be used for other projects.

Beginner Project #10 - 3˝ Minute Egg Timer
by Ken Wraight
Egg timers can be a simple spindle turning project, but Ken provides a challenge by turning this interesting design on two different centres. The timer makes an ideal introduction into the possibilities of multi-centre work.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.15A
Turning a Goblet - Preparation

by John Ewart
In this two part article John explains the steps involved in setting up for and ultimately turning a wooden goblet.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.2 - Sharpening Carving Tools
by Mike Davies
Before moving on to basic carving projects, Mike discusses the very important practice of keeping your hand tools sharp.

Decorating Turning with Metal Spinning
by Aaron Ehrlich
Softer metals such as copper and aluminium can be spun onto turned wooden forms to embellish them.

The Fruit Platter
by Heinz Haselroither
Heinz gives a number of tips on how to turn a variety of wooden fruit for an attractive permanent fruit platter display.

Mastering a Rustic Mortice & Tenon Joint
by Anne-Marie George
During a visit to the Maleny Wood Expo, Anne-Marie learned a basic skill involved in the making of rustic furniture - the mortice & tenon joint.

Terrible T. Rex
by Carolyn McCully
This dramatic image of a dinosaur is a pyrography exercise in stippling.

Getting the Best Out of Your Tablesaw - 2
The 27th in our Beginner's Series, we look at some of the more challenging cuts which can be done on a well set up and maintained tablesaw.

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Book Reviews
Zany Wooden Toys Reloaded
by Bob Gilsdorf
The Complete Guide to Joint-Making
by John Bullar