Issue Number 17

January/February 1988


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Guest Room Towel Rack


Table of Contents

Finish up OK
Choosing finishes

The Lester Improved Saw

Laying a Varnish
by Paul Gregson

Two pot or not two pot?
by Anthony Hope
Two Pot Polyurethane finishes

The Guest Room Towel Rack
by R M Guthrie
Woodworking project

Woodturning Since the Fifties

Understanding Construction (Part IV)
by Wim Beyk

Report on the National Conference

A Fein Wobble Sander

Making a Rifle Stock
by Maurice Passmore

A school in retrospect
(Krenov's School of the Redwoods, California)
by Rodney Hayward

Make your own Drum Sander
by Kim Chambers

Why Try?
About Trying (Jointing) Planes

User Report
Woodfast Power Carve

User Report
Masport Woodworker

Timber Page

Book Reviews
Making Cabinets & Built-ins
by Sam Allen
Turned-Bowl Design
by Richard Raffan