Issue Number 162

April 2012

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Un-identical Twins

Making the Wheels for the Emperor's Carriage

Upholstering Dining Chairs

Beginner Project - Compact Mirror

A Box in the Shaker Style

Scrap Wedges

Butterfly’s Rest

An Alternative Method for
Mounting a Bowl or Platter

Finger Jointing Jig


Table of Contents


Club Drumbeat
Gippsland Woodcraft Group Inc, Nambrok VIC, make seating for rail trails from bridge decking while the Cooroora Woodworkers Club Inc (QLD) present the new Australian Red Cedar shield for their Inter-Club Challenge.

USER REPORT - Paftec CleanSpace Dust Mask
Australian designed and assembled, the Paftec CleanSpace Dust Mask offers a new solution to an age old workshop problem.

Devised in Australia to suit local school requirements, the Festool4Schools program is one power tool manufacturer's response to the need to better train and equip the woodworkers of tomorrow.

Peter Olds - An Australian Icon in Wood
by Gloria Banting
Maryborough's Citizen of the Year in 1999 and ABC Australia All Over Australian of the Year for 2011, Peter Olds is a most worthy subject for Kevin Banting's latest heavily detailed carving.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.9 - Finishing a Square
by John Ewart
Many spindle profiles incorporate a square or unturned section, for decoration or to accept an intersecting member such as a rail. John looks at the options available to blend the transition between the square and turned sections, and the differing techniques involved.

Well into his 90s, Bill Riley decided to make his first musical instrument - a violin - last year. Meanwhile, Ian Scanlin has a passion for toy vehicles including this wrecker truck with operating booms and independent wheel suspension.

Control Your Dust - 3
The 18th in our Beginners' Series, this issue we look at ambient dust and the ways of dealing with it, ie. air filtration devices (both the box-type rectangular collectors and the Microclene cylindrical units) and dust masks, both powered and unpowered.


Un-identical Twins
by Alann Brown
Inspired by the slots formed by the Festool Domino, these stools - one from New Guinea Rosewood, the other from New Guinea Rosewood and American White Oak - would grace any contemporary kitchen, dining or bar area.

Making the Wheels for the Emperor's Carriage
by Ken Wraight
Ken explains one method for making the intricate routed wheels he used on his turned Emperor's Carriage.

Upholstering Dining Chairs
by Charles T Orr
Having built the dining chairs in the last issue, Charles now upholsters the seats with traditional methods using flocking and coil springs.

Beginner Project - Compact Mirror
by Ken Wraight
Using a minimum of tools and equipment, Ken demonstrates the woodturning necessary to convert a metal fitment into a wood-embellished compact mirror.

A Box in the Shaker Style
by Phil Griffiths
Using a steam box, wooden mould and plenty of hose clamps, Phil makes this distinctive style of oval storage box.

Scrap Wedges
by Reg Cooke
Reg shows how even small offcuts may have a second life rather than being consigned to the bin.

Butterfly’s Rest
by Carolyn McCully
This insect’s injured wings gave Carolyn a rare opportunity to photograph a butterfly 'at rest', enabling her to develop this attractive pyrography pattern.

An Alternative Method for Mounting a Bowl or Platter
by Alan McNaught
Hotmelt glue and a faceplate ring allow Alan to turn bowls and platters without the usual spigot or recess in the base.

Finger Jointing Jig
by Richard Collins
The need to finger joint long boards without the configuration limitations of a typical jointing jig prompted Richard to develop this design for a homemade jig.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
Woodcarving Magic
by Bjarne Jespersen

Woodturning Today: A Dramatic Evolution
Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw
by Carole Rothman
Woodturning Evolution
by Nick Agar and David Springett

DVD Reviews
The French Collection
– An Introduction to The Bedan Tool
by Jean François Escoulen
The French Collection
– An Introduction to The Escoulen Mk3 Eccentric Chuck
by Jean François Escoulen