Issue Number 161

February 2012

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Chair Repair

Magic Puddings

Laminated Celtic Rolling Pin

Turning Big

Making a Zograscope

Soccer Balls, Big and Small

Kangaroo Resting

Faceplate Fluting with a Symtec

Set of Six Dining Chairs

Make Your Own Router Table


Table of Contents


Harold Manwaring's Wooden Marvels
Having built a steam locomotive and a steam beam engine, both of which operate on compressed air and are made almost entirely of wood, Harold is currently working on a steam traction engine.

USER REVIEW - RDG Blade Saver Kits
These kits allow you to detect and remove metal inclusions in the wood before they damage your expensive woodworking machines.

Colac Otway Wood Design Exhibition 2011

Turnfest Masters - The Wizards of Oz
by Terry Martin
While Turnfest is known for its international content, this year there will also be an impressive display of Australian talent with 20 local demonstrators.

USER REPORT - Torque Workcentre Universal Machine
by Stuart Lees of Stu's Shed
As the flexibility of the Torque Workcentre is explored, it is becoming a universal machine, capable of a wide range of applications carried out accurately and with ease.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.8 - A Woodturner's Posture
by John Ewart
Fundamental to controlling the tool in this manner are your stance and body movement.

USER REPORT - Panasonic 14.4V Li-Ion Cordless Tools
by Mark Nash

Club Drumbeat
Manning Great Lakes Woodworkers (NSW) open their new facilities.

Building a Gazebo
by Christer Lindée
A foray into construction woodworking proved to be a success when this gazebo survived Cyclone Yasi virtually unscathed.

Earl Hansen's Dozer and Grader, plus Tom Williams' vase turned on three centres.


Chair Repair
by Harry Ellis
While this was a difficult repair, it demonstrated that sometimes repairing an old chair of good quality is worth the extra effort.

Magic Puddings
by Maurice Passmore
Norman Lindsay's iconic character makes a great subject for those turning offcuts that accumulate in the workshop.

Laminated Celtic Rolling Pin
by Brian Hall
Keen to win his Club's rolling pin competition, novice Brian Hall came up with this striking design. Only when the blank is turned is the true shape of the laminations revealed.

Turning Big
by Phil Griffiths
To make this impressive double-sided mural, Phil turned the blank, split it and rejoined it, turned it again and then de-laminated the laminations.

Making a Zograscope
by Aaron Ehrlich
Popular in the 18th Century, zograscopes are just a novelty today but they do present an interesting exercise in spindle turning.

Soccer Balls, Big and Small
by Aynsley Rowe (edited by Caren Barnet)
Having perfected a method for making wooden soccer balls and having enough material left over, Aynsley turned four balls varying from 8" (203.2mm) to 1" (25.4mm).

Kangaroo Resting
by Carolyn McCully
A trip to a wildlife park led to this pyrographic portrait of one of Australia's favourite animals.

Faceplate Fluting with a Symtec
by Rob Wood
Using the Symtec Router Holder to cut flutes.

Set of Six Dining Chairs
by Charles T Orr
Charles makes six chairs to match the extension dining table in last issue. The method for upholstering the seats will appear in the next issue.

Make Your Own Router Table
by Don Phillips
While there are many commercial router tables to choose from, Don shows that making your own is still an option.

Control Your Dust - 2
The 17th in our Beginner Series, we look at the factors to consider when designing and installing a dedicated dust extraction system in your workshop.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
Woodburning Project & Pattern Treasury
by Deborah Pompano

Carving Faces Workbook
by Harold Enlow
Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements
by Tony Kubalak
Pen & Pencil Projects (A Guide for Woodturners)
by Walter Hall
Hand Planes in the Modern Shop
by Kerry Pierce

DVD Reviews
Using Your Router and Router Table Safely
by Hendrik Varju