Issue Number 160

December 2011

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Working with the Gifkins Jig
Pt.1 A Simple Box

Chuck Gripper Mk.II

Rockin' Bowl

Make a Bench Mallet

Extension Dining Table

Further Applications of 8-Piece Rings

Thinking Outside the Round


Table of Contents


India's Sewn Plank Boats
by Barry Scott
On a visit to southwest India, Barry inspects the Hodea, Kettu Vallum and wood fishing rafts still used by Indian fishermen.

Turnfest Masters - the Americans are Coming
by Terry Martin
A dozen demonstrators from the USA will represent the largest overseas contingent at the Turnfest Masters on the Gold Coast next March.

USER REPORT - MicroJig GRR-Ripper Pushblock System
The MicroJig GRR-Ripper is more than a safety device, offering a new approach to cutting faster, easier and more accurately on tablesaws, bandsaws, routers and spindle moulders.

JET Machinery Maintenance
This guide to replacing the rubber tyres on the wheels of a JET bandsaw can be adapted to other brands of bandsaw with a similar system. There's also a corrected set of template drawings for the abrasive strips for the three smallest JET Drum Sander models.

Notes on Woodturning - Part 7 Gripping the Turning Tool
by John Ewart
The correct stance enables good control but a turner must also decide which method works best for them. John discusses what to consider when you are holding a tool at the lathe.

Club Drumbeat
This year's Down Under Turn Around on Phillip Island VIC and the work of the Peninsula Woodturners Guild Inc (VIC).

A selection of boxes from Bob Dean including his Tree of Boxes. We also have more examples of Ozzy Mitchell's carved replicas in wood.

USER REVIEW - Festool TS 55 and Guide Rail System
With a few recent improvements, the Festool TS 55 system maintains its reputation as a very versatile saw and guiide combo.

Timber Suggestions for Your Next Project
We contacted our specialist timber advertisers for their favourite species when selecting a timber for an important project.

Control Your Dust - 1
The 16th in our Beginner Series, we look at the importance of dust control and some of the options for removing dust and debris from the workshop.


Working with the Gifkins Jig
Pt.1 A Simple Box

by Don Phillips
Don experiments with the Australian designed and made Gifkins Dovetail Jig, beginning with a simple jewellery box with a removable tray.

Chuck Gripper Mk.II
by Peter Fogelman
With reduced strength in his hands, Peter went back to the drawing board to design a new gripper for keyless drill chucks - this time it's made from wood.

Rockin' Bowl
by Sue Walters
Sue burns a rock pattern onto a plain bowl to illustrate the various methods that can be used to transform a flat piece of pyrography into a three-dimensional effect. You can choose to add anything from subtle tones up to the whole works.

CNC Woodworking with Carba-Tec
In the third and final instalment for this project, Tony Forbes finishes the CNC carving of the wooden nameplate.

Make a Bench Mallet
by Jim McConnachie
If you've been following John Ewart's series on turning basics, you’ll have the skills to make your own bench mallet, following Jim's description.

Extension Dining Table
by Charles T Orr
This extension table uses removable table top leaves to increase its size when guests arrive. A big advantage in making your own table is that you can dimension it to make the best use of the available space in your dining area.

Further Applications of 8-Piece Rings
by Bob Longford
Bob discusses refinements to Alex Morey's method of gluing up overlapping 8-piece rings as well as the making of 8-piece sector rings. Both rings are used to provide strong joints in the wooden bangles turned by Bob's high school students.

Thinking Outside the Round
by Phil Griffiths
Laminating offcuts allows Phil to make better use of his stock. In this case he was able to make a secondary piece from the turned offcuts left over from the project.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
Timber Bending
by MC Hendrikson OAM

How to Make Workbenches & Shop Storage Solutions
by American Woodworker authors
Turning Segmented Lamps
by Ralph S Buckland
Big Book of Intarsia Woodworking
by the Editors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts

DVD Reviews
Using and Tuning Your Bandsaw
by Hendrik Varju