Issue Number 16

November/December 1987


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Turned Wall Clock

Toy Crane


Table of Contents

First steps in suction
by R Nathan
A tale of dust extraction

Eat my Dust Dust collectors

How to design a Verandah Table (Pt II)
by Wim Beyk

Sanding without tears
Hand sanders

Making Time
by R M Guthrie
Woodworking project -- A turned wall clock

Chuck full of features -- Masterchuck

King of the Goblet Makers (Neville Sanders)
by J B McCarter

Woodwork as it was

Woodcraft at the Opera House

The Crane
by Roger Jenkins
Woodworking Project -- making a toy crane

Making Finger Tops
by Peter Robson
Woodturning Project

User Report
Cabot's Decking Finish

User Report
Teknatool Lathe

The Bonthistler Awards

George Ingham Exhibition

Book Reviews
Sharpening and Care of Woodworking Tools & Equipment
by John Sainsbury
Woodturning Projects & Techniques
by Bruce Boulter

Timber Page
Fruit woods can be sweet
by M Passmore