Issue Number 159

October 2011

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The Humble Saw Stool...or is it?

From Chicken Scratchings to Emperor's Carriage

Woodturner's Whirligig

Woodturning with Epoxy Resin

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Bowl Embellishment

Making an Archery Bow


Table of Contents


Stephen Faulkner's Walking Tiger and Jumping Tiger (the latter with over 500 pieces).
Ron Croft's wooden bulldozer started as a competition piece to be built from just one super foot of wood.

USER REPORT - JET JWS-22CS Spindle Shaper
by Alan Bendon
With the variety of off-the-shelf mouldings continuing to decrease, it's timely to consider what a spindle moulder has to offer, versus its main opposition (at the hobby level) - the router table. This article includes a full review of the JET Spindle Shaper.

T&WW Show Sydney
Carba-Tec's CNC woodworking demonstration, new promotion and new craft exhibitors all had an impact on this year's Timber & Working with Wood Show in Sydney.

Turnfest Master 2012
by Terry Martin
Next year's event promises to be the biggest ever with 40 demonstrators including 24 from overseas. In this article Terry looks at the work of 9 of the international turners.

JET Machinery Maintenance
Make ply or MDF templates from the drawings provided so that you can cut your own abrasive strips for the three smallest JET Drum Sander models with ease.

Club Drumbeat
Formed from an initiative of the late Vin Smith, The Woodcraft Guild of Tasmania Inc recently celebrated its Silver Anniversary.

Notes on Woodturning - Part 6 Parting Tools
by John Ewart
Appropriate selection and use of parting tools are essential if you wish to avoid a rough finish that has to be corrected by other means. These tools also have more applications than simply parting off.

Timber & Working with Wood Melbourne Show Guide
Following on from the other Shows this year, the Melbourne event will have the new demonstrator and several new demonstrations, plus new products and promotions.

Files, Rasps and Rifflers
The fifteenth in our Beginner Series, we look at the role of files, rasps and riffles in woodworking. While the file is a tool borrowed from woodworking, all three tools can be used to hand shape wood and solve a woodworking problem.


The Humble Saw Stool...or is it?
by Rod Chambers
With a little thought and effort, a 'shop made saw stool designed to suit your specific needs can be a very worthwhile addition to your workshop.

From Chicken Scratchings to Emperor's Carriage
Ken Wraight discusses how his award-winning turning projects - made on a conventional woodlathe - evolve from rough concept to finished item. He also outlines the array of templates, carriers and jigs required to ensure consistency and a successful end result.

Woodturner's Whirligig
by Aaron Ehrlich
Made from workshop scrap materials, this is a fun project for the garden. We’ve included a list of books and plans covering more designs for whirligigs.

Woodturning with Epoxy Resin
by Brendan Stemp
By using resin as the binder you can transform a wide range of materials - wood shavings, gumnuts, feathers, etc. - into usable blanks for woodturning.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
by Vicky Fraser
This project is definitely a woodworker's idea of an Advent Calendar - a tree-shaped box with 25 wooden drawers! The main material is MDF for stability and ease of working, but plywood or glued-up solid timber panels are alternatives.

Bowl Embellishment
by Carolyn McCully
Add interest to a bowl or any turned or carved piece by decorating with pyrography or painting. Carolyn discusses how the shape of the item and the appearance of the wood should influence the choice of pattern and its application.

Making an Archery Bow
by Reg Cooke
Used to making musical instruments, Reg applies his talents to make a stringed wooden instrument of a very different kind - the archery bow. In spite of the steep learning curve, the project is a great success.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
The New Traditional Woodworker
by Jim Tolpin

Blanket Chests
by Scott Gibson & Peter Turner
Lettering & Sign Carving Workbook
by Betty Padden
Natural Edge Bowls
by Bernard Hohlfeld

DVD Reviews
Surface Preparation and Staining
by Hendrik Varju
Hand Finishing and Rubbing Out
by Hendrik Varju