Issue Number 158

August 2011


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Wooden Seat Dining Chair

Homemade Version of the
Chinese Erhu

European Bar Table - 2

Third Generation Laminated Platter

Dragon Portrait


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Men at Work and Play
The second exhibition by the male artists from the Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW.

by Terry Martin
In March attendees enjoyed another great series of turning demonstrations at Seaworld.

Notes on Woodturning - Part 5B
Using Scrapers
by John Ewart
For successful results, the turner must decide whether the scraper is the most appropriate tool for the task at hand.

Ozzy Mitchell from Yeppoon QLD puts a lot of work into his carved miniatures which can have over a 100 components.

JET Machinery Maintenance
Grinding wheel replacement.

Recycled Blackbutt Furniture
by Andrew Waller
Recycled Blackbutt was used to make durable contemporary furniture with a Western Australian connection.

Club Drumbeat
Blue Mountains Woodturners (NSW) Biennial Interclub Challenge

Sturt of Mittagong
by Mark Viner
After 70 years the Sturt School of Wood continues to thrive as one of Australia’s leading craft centres, particularly in the field of woodworking.

Timber & Working with Wood Canberra Show Guide
The latest on this year’s Shows including a new demonstrator and several new demonstrations, plus new products and promotions.

Festool CXS 10.8V Drill/Driver

by Sean Beedham
This tool is small, powerful and attractively priced. It makes an ideal assembly drill/driver or a compact companion to a larger model.

Confessions of a Compulsive Toy-Maker
by Chris Woolcock
From early childhood to his latest business venture, Chris has always left a trail of sawdust behind him.

Wycliffe Christian School NSW HSC Students 2009/2010


Wooden Seat Dining Chair
by Neil Scobie
Neil follows up on his cushioned seat dining chair with this new design. Made from two contrasting timbers, it has a higher back, different curves and, of course, a wooden seat.

CNC Woodworking with Carba-Tec
Tony Forbes continues to work through an example of how the CNC Shark Pro can produce nameplates in almost any size or font style. The Australian Woodworker logo was cut at the Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show and can be viewed at the Sydney Carba-Tec store in Auburn.

Homemade Version of the Chinese Erhu
by Aaron Ehrlich
While primarily a fun woodturning exercise, this basic erhu design could be developed into a usable stringed instrument.

European Bar Table - 2
by Allen Barrett
Having made the legs in the last issue, Allen explains how to make the top, shelf and emblem and complete the assembly.

Gluing an 8-Piece Segmented Ring
by Alex Morey
In #155 Alex explained how to lay out and cut an 8-piece segmented ring. However, a conventional clamp band doesn’t work when gluing these rings. Alex explains his method.

Third Generation Laminated Platter
by Jim McConnachie
Cutting and regluing a laminated board three times creates this dramatic design which is then finished on the lathe. While there are alternative methods for mounting the platter, Jim uses a Longworth chuck.

Dragon Portrait
by Carolyn McCully
This is one of Carolyn’s simpler patterns, ideal for the beginner or for the more experienced pyrographer who wants to experiment with the image.

Power Tool Ergonomics
The fourteenth in our Beginner Series, we examine how ergonomics plays a big part in our ability to use power tools accurately and for long periods without adverse effects such as health conditions and ruined projects. We look at some of the features you should consider when purchasing tools.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
Chris Pye's Woodcarving Course and Reference Manual
by Chris Pye

Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills
by Chris West
Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Bandsaws
by Roland Johnson
The Weekend Woodworker’s Project Collection

DVD Reviews
Hope for Us All
by Simon Hope RPT
What a Relief Seasoning for a Textured Bowl
by Mark Sanger RPT