Issue Number 157

June 2011

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European Bar Table

Money Postbox

The Ultimate Turned Soccer Ball

Chest of Boxes

Three Manual-Powered Lathes

The Sandstone Church

Tea Candle Tray/Riser

Tea Candle Table Candelabra

Something to Make - a Charging Centre


Table of Contents


Phil Perkins' version of a Neil Scobie box and John K Looker’s 18th Century style Lowboy in Tasmanina Blackwood.

USER REPORT - Sand-Flee Sanding Centre and Attachments
by Alan Baron
This new smaller Sand-Flee will have immediate appeal for many woodworkers, and the sanding and finishing attachments available make it even more versatile.

Notes on Woodturning - Part 5A Scrapers
by John Ewart
Used correctly, scrapers have their place in woodturning. John discusses the types available and their different uses.

The Three Grandfathers
Inspired by Greek and Roman classical elements, these two grandfather clocks designed and made by Chas Sheehan have been a labour of love.

USER REPORT - Vermec 3-Point Steady Rest
by Brendan Stemp
Considered to be the Rolls-Royce of steady rests, Brendan discusses the features that set the Vermec unit apart from the rest.

Timber & Working with Wood Brisbane & Sydney Show Guide
The Show season has begun. This year there is a new demonstrator and several new demonstrations, plus new products and promotions.

Four Axis Turning
Peter Hromek's book, wood vessel sculpture, is largely a gallery featuring Peter's spectacular work, but there is a technical step-by-step section on how Peter produces a four axis turning.

George's Corner
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
At the Newcastle Show, George comes across John Ratley's impressive intarsia, Tiger and Cubs, with around 450 individual pieces.

Battery Truths and Myths
by Paul Briggs, Akkupak
Paul compares the three main types of power tool cordless battery on the market today and how their correct selection and use will assist you to achieve optimum performance from your tools.

JET Machinery Maintenance
Planer table adjustment.


European Bar Table
by Allen Barrett
Adaped from a design that comes in both three and four legged versions, this occasional table is a definite conversation piece.

CNC Woodworking with Carba-Tec
It's time to toss out those unused lettering templates for the router. Tony Forbes works through an example of how the CNC Shark Pro can produce nameplates in almost any size or font style that you could reasonably want.

Money Postbox
by Tom Williams
Practise your thread-making technique on this simple and attractive money box which will appeal to most children.

The Ultimate Turned Soccer Ball
by Ron Ryan
There’s a lot of maths involved in correctly laying out the components of a wooden soccer ball, but fortunately Ron has done it for you. All you need to do is follow his steps, use his jigs and you’ll have a perfect soccer ball.

Chest of Boxes
by Don Phillips
If you can make a box, you make this very handy storage chest. Don uses simple carcass techniques to build a box of boxes.

Three Manual-Powered Lathes
by Aaron Ehrlich
As a learning experience and a bit of fun, Aaron takes on the challenge involved in making a 'better' hand-powered lathe.

The Sandstone Church
by Carolyn McCully
This pyrography of an old building introduces a new range of texturing and shading effects. However, by breaking it down into 'blocks', even a novice can burn this image successfully.

Tea Candle Tray/Riser
by Alec Bethnall
Tea candle trays are available through tea candle parties, but you can also make your own to your preferred dimensions and design in the workshop.

Tea Candle Table Candelabra
by Alec Bethnall
Having made the tea candle tray, Alec went for something a bit fancier with this table top candelabra for two candles.

Something to Make - a Charging Centre
The thirteenth in our Beginner Series, we use the information covered so far to make a simple but practical project - a centre for all those chargers we now have in the modern household.

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Book Reviews
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by Charles W Ross
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by Christopher Schwartz & the Popular Woodworking Staff
Twenty Decorative Carving Projects in Period Styles
by Steve Bisco