Issue Number 152

August 2010

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Stave Bowl Construction

Sharpening Countersink Bits

Carving a Whale Tail

Zebras (Pyrography)

Cotton Reel Yo-Yo

Making Your Own Repetitive
Pattern Inlay

Carving an Eagle

Making a Curved Top
Document Box - 2

Mitre Jig with Adjustable Stop

Split Turnings


Table of Contents


The Art in the Cabinet - One Man's Journey
by Paul Gregson (Assoc. Editor)
Paul reviews one of the most celebrated pieces of furniture produced in Australia in recent years.

How Many Ways Can You Hold a Carving?
by Gloria Banting
Running classes on a tight budget revealed a number of ways one could hold a blank for carving.

Club Drumbeat
Gippsland Woodcraft Group Inc (VIC) takes up teaching while the Blue Mountains Woodturners (NSW) complete their sixth giant chess set.

Pudgee Singh's detailed wooden models of a crane, Mack truck and coach with horses.

Trend Timbers Opens New Showroom
Major Sydney retailer, Trend Timbers, ushers in a new era with a new showroom and location.

Notes on Woodturning - Part 4B: Smoothing and Shaping with the Skew Chisel
by John Ewart
John demonstrates the smoothing and shaping capabilities of the skew.

USER REPORT - Making Patterns the Easy Way
by Sandy Barnett
Coyote Stencil Shop is an affordable software program designed to convert photographs into patterns or line drawings suitable for scrollsawing, pyrography, marquetry, carving and other applications.

Australian Recycled Timber Receives FSC Certification
Industry changes encouraged ART to gain certification for both new and recycled timber.

Adelaide/Canberra/Melbourne Timber & Working with Wood Show Guides
This year the Shows feature a new and expanded line-up of demonstrators as well as a number of competitions in which you can win prizes.

Selecting the Right Timber
The eighth in our beginner's series, we look at the differing characteristics of timber species and how selecting the right timber will have a big impact on the success of your project.


Replacing the Universal Joint on a JET 16-32 Drum Sander
by Arnold Barkley
Loose screws can lead to a damaged universal joint, but you can make the repair in the workshop.

Stave Bowl Construction
by Phil Griffiths
Phil found that turned staved bowls are as difficult to make as they look, but with some ingenuity he managed to successfully produce them.

Sharpening Countersink Bits
by Peter Fogelman
With a drill press and a home-made jig, Peter is able to sharpen his bits to as-new condition.

Carving a Whale Tail
by Buddy Smith

Zebras (Pyrography)
by Carolyn McCully
This attractive pattern is a combination of delicate woodburning and white pencil colouring.

Cotton Reel Yo-Yo
by Keith McCarthy
Another childhood toy based on the humble wooden cotton reel.

Making Your Own Repetitive Pattern Inlay
by Reg Cooke
Reg shows how to make and insert a veneer inlay to your own personalised pattern.

Carving an Eagle
by Frank Rowe
This carved bird is made in three sections to minimise wastage and make the carving of the wing feathers easier.

Making a Curved Top Document Box - 2
by Neil Scobie
This project is a blend of Neil's Document Box and Treasure Chest designs and offers additional challenges to boxmakers.

Mitre Jig with Adjustable Stop
by Don Phillips
Don develops a jig to cut exact 45 cuts on a table saw.

Split Turnings
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron demonstrates why split turning - an ancient method not commonly used by modern turners - deserves more attention.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
The Complete Woodshop Guide
by Charlie Self, Bill Stankus and Danny Proulx
A Field Guide to Australian Trees
by Ivan Holliday
Traditional Box Projects
by Strother Purdy
The Perfect Edge

by Ron Hock
Getting the Most from Your Wood-Buying Bucks
by American Woodworker