Issue Number 15

September/October 1987


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Verandah Table

Round Picture Frame


Table of Contents

Pick your combination
Survey of available Combination machines

W.T.G.V. Weekend Seminar

The Golden Mean and other Fairy Tales
Discussion on well known design rules

Introducing our guests
About the visiting demonstrators at the '87 National Woodworking Conference

How to Design a Verandah Table (Pt I)
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking project -- combining the description of a "simple" project with a discussion on design

Spiral Stairs with a Twist

Big ones and little ones
Kutzall burrs

A Woodworker at an Antique Fair

The Final Finish
by Paul Gregson
French Polishing for the amateur

Turning a Round Frame
by Jack Fisher
Woodworking project. Picture frames

A Restoration Project
by R M Guthrie
Repairing a dining chair

Getting Back to it
by Jack Richards

Woodcraft goes to the Opera '87

Making a 10-30mm Belt Sander
by Brian Latty

Book Reviews
Woodworking Plans & Projects
by Guild Of Master Craftsmen
Scroll Saw Handbook
by Patrick Spielman
Federal Furniture
by Michael Dunbar

by Karen Groeneveld