Issue Number 143

February 2008

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Telephone Table with notepad hatch and 'secret' drawer

Wooden Wheels

A Lizard Lidded Bowl

Wooden Egg Rack

A Fondue Set


Table of Contents


Spin-a-Round 2008
by Ken Newton
Vaughan Richmond was Guest Turner at this event.

Tales from Torimba
by Gloria Banting
The quality and diversity of entries in the Torimba Festival of the Forest were as remarkable as ever and the 2009 event should be even more memorable.

USER Report: Scheppach hms 2600 ci Planer/Thicknesser
by Allen Barrett
Allen found that this budget priced machine should earn its keep in any small workshop.

USER Report: JET 16-32 Drum Sander
by Arnold Barkley
Arnold is surprised at the impact his new Drum Sander has had upon his work.

Cessnock Woodturners Open Day
by Joan M Perry
More than 100 members and guests gathered to celebrate this Club's new workshop and the assistance of those who made it possible.

Questions & Answers
by Paul Gregson (Associate Editor)
This is the return of a popular column in which professional woodworker, restorer and conservator, Paul Gregson answers your queries.

Club Drumbeat
by A Bendeli
Woodturn 2008 hosted by the Sydney Woodturners Guild, featured demonstrations by Neil Scobie, Lois Green, Terry Baker and Tim Skilton.

Hunter United Woodworking Hobbies Expo
Your two page Guide to events and demonstrations at the Hunter United Woodworking Hobbies Expo to be held in Newcastle (NSW) on February 20-22.

by Buddy Smith
His lessons never taught him to how to play, but Buddy's carving of a violin embodies the love they gave him for the instrument and the music it can make.

Making Music With What We Have Left
by Buddy Smith
Itzhak Perlman's dramatic concert at the Lincoln Centre was the inspiration for Buddy's violin.

Machines and power tools can take much of the drudgery out of sanding.

Wood Wizz:
25 years on

Profile: Gordon Pembridge
by Neil Scobie
Neil introduces a Kiwi woodturner who delicately carves his 1mm thin-walled bowls.

Good Ideas and Short Cuts
Interesting ideas you can apply in your workshop.


USER Report: Frontline Clamps
by Arnold Barkley
Advanced clamping systems are rapidly replacing old style pipe clamps. A feature of this system is that boards are made flat before being pressed together.

Sam Maloof: Woodworking Icon
by Michael W Michelsen Jr
Others may call him artist, master craftrsman or even icon, but Sam Maloof still prefers to call himself a woodworker.


Turned Rocket
by Alan Jones
This motorised carousel-motion Rocket makes an interesting turning project.

Telephone Table with notepad hatch and 'secret' drawer
by Andrew Bass
Forced to complete this project while on secondment overseas, Andrew takes us on a journey that includes not just the construction of the table, but the process by which he arrived at each element of its design.

Wooden Wheels
by Alan Logan
Most woodworkers eventually have to make wooden wheels. Alan shows us his favourite (and quickest) method.

A Lizard Lidded Bowl
by Karen Blewden and Caroline McCully
Karen and Caroline have teamed up again - this time to produce a shallow lidded bowl decorated with delightful lizards.

Wooden Egg Rack
by Don Phillips
This handy and easy-to-make Rack turns the kitchen egg stock into an attractive display.

A Fondue Set
by John Swinkels
John carefully details the making of a Fondue Set that not only offers plenty of challenges to the woodturner but would also be a worthwhile addition to any home.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
Ellsworth on Woodturning
by David Ellsworth
Emotions in Wood
by Ann Brouwers
Shelves Cabinets & Bookcases
by the Editors of Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking
Chairmaking Simplified
by Kerry Pierce
Woodturning Full Circle
by David Springett

DVD Reviews
Elliptical Turning — An Introduction
presented by David Springett
The Scroll Saw — A Beginner’s Guide
with John Burke