Issue Number 141

October 2008

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The Olive Scoop

Cutlery Canteen with Pockets - 2

Glue Chucks for Miniature Turning

Multiple Zero Clearance Inserts for Your Sawbench

Making Bird's Feet

Bush Furniture

Halloween Carving

Accenting the Grain

Pair of Dragonfly Urns


Table of Contents


Salvaging Pine from the Wild Rivers
The story of Huon Pine, its discovery in Tasmania's dense forests, the timber's unique beauty and characteristics and Wild Wood’s salvaging operations.

Club Drumbeat
Something new to learn at the Northern Rivers Woodwork Association (NSW) - the initiative of a few members has given this Club a whole new interest.

Fine Woodwork Competition Sydney 2008
Results of the woodwork competition held in conjunction with the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show.

The Snowy River Paddle Steamer, Curlip II
Old woodworking and boatbuilding skills are being revived in Orbost Vic as they prepare the new PS Curlip II for its commissioning this November.

The (New) Lumber Bunker
One too many floods forces the relocation of this Central Coast NSW store to a new site.

The Prepared Mind
by Mike Darlow
A walk around St Helier in Jersey demonstrates the value of paying attention to the detail in what we observe.

The Turner Behind the Turnfests
by Neil Scobie
An overview of David Drescher's career and involvement in woodturning.

JET VBS-18MW Metal Wood Bandsaw
by Anthony Burnett
A good way to ruin your woodworking bandsaw is to cut metal but buying another bandsaw just for metal is expensive in both money and space. This JET dual purpose bandsaw offers a welcome alternative.

The Selection of Power Tools and Machines
by Steven Burrows, Editor
A guide to comparing apples with lemons.

Melbourne & Adelaide Timber & Working with Wood Show Guides
Visit the final Shows for 2008 - Adelaide, 10-12 October and Melbourne, 24-26 October (at the Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale).

The work of Cedric Shorey and Don Ford.


CompressX Bar Clamp
by Stuart Duffy
From a simple idea the manufacturers have made a well-designed, well-made and affordably priced device which is a big improvement over the use of sash cramps.

The Olive Scoop
by Brendan Stemp
A large scoop to retrieve olives from a jar may seem a simple exercise, but Brendan explains the difficulties involved and the tricks he used to overcome them.

Cutlery Canteen with Pockets - 2
by Allen Barrett
In the concluding instalment Allen finalises the pockets, legs, drawer and fit-out.

Glue Chucks for Miniature Turning
by Aaron Ehrlich
A few ideas for using hotmelt glue to hold your tiny turnings.

Multiple Zero Clearance Inserts for Your Sawbench
by John Looker

Making Bird's Feet
by Buddy Smith
Buddy describes how he makes his bird's feet from fencing wire and a jig.

Bush Furniture
by Maurice Passmore
Ideas and tips on putting crooked timber to good use.

Halloween Carving
by Alyson McNulty, Arbortech Pty Ltd
Make your own 'screaming face' from a log and two of Arbortech's power tools.

Accenting the Grain
by Mac Simmons
Mac demonstrates a simple method for highlighting the natural pattern in open grain timbers.

Burnmaster Eagle Pyrography Unit
by Glenn Roberts
Glenn gives his views on this unit which he has owned for sometime and is now available retail in Australia.

Pair of Dragonfly Urns
by Karen Blewden and Carolyn McCully
This attractive project entails a reasonable level of ability in both turning and pyrography. If you don't want to tackle both aspects, the urns may be the ideal project on which to collaborate with another woodworker from your Club or local community.

Other Features

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Book Reviews
Complete Book of Tips, Tricks & Techniques
by the Editors of Popular Woodworking
A Turner's Guide to Veneer Inlays
by Ron Hampton
New Masters of Woodturning
by Terry Martin and Kevin Wallace
Making Furniture: Projects & Plans
by Mark Ripley

DVD Reviews
Professional Turning For All Making and Decorating Goblets
by Mick Hanbury
Turning for Results Fruit Turning Masterclass
by Andy Lodge