Issue Number 14

July/August 1987


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Adult High Chair

Detail Candlestick

Build a Billy Cart



Table of Contents

Strong panel joints
Using a router for feather jointing

Sand Easy
Choosing and using portable sanders

An Adult High Chair
by R Guthrie
Woodworking project. Chair for drawing table or kitchen

Video Workshop
Introduction to Woodmill's video courses

Making a Pastrin Plane
by David Lockwood
Woodworking project

The Practices of Bowl Turning
by M Darlow

Detail Candlestick
by G Hatfield
Woodturning project

Build a Billy-Cart
by Colin Appleton
Woodworking project

Market Day Sale & Swap Day NSW

Peter Carrigy's Sydney Exhibition

A Woodworker's answer to RSI
Woodworking project -- a footstool for keyboard operators

Club List

User Report
Ridgway Power Expansive Bits

by Paul Gregson

Book Reviews
Turning Miniatures in Wood
by John Sainsbury
Cabinet-Making for Beginners
by Charles H Hayward
Spindle Moulder Handbook
by Eric Stephenson

Timber Page
I hugged a Cedar Tree