Issue Number 139

June 2008

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Turned Bellows

Admiral Butterfly - Marquetry

Medicine or Bathroom Cabinet

The Hotel Lamp

Octagonal Cabinet

'Gone Fishing' - Pyrography


Table of Contents


Massive Burls & Miniature Microcosms
The world of Randy DeGraw consists of large machined shields and panels, often decorated with inlays or miniature scenes.

Shelix Conversion Stops Tear-Out
New from the USA, these cutters can be retro-fitted to older thicknessers to improve performance and reduce noise.

The Orbost Exhibition
by Alan Manning
Both the Australian Wood Design Exhibition and the Orbost Exhibition Centre make Orbost in SE Victoria worth a visit in January each year.

Marie Beckwith - Lady of the Forest
by Maja Mulhuijzen
Having never picked up a carving chisel until she was 49, Marie is now a multi-award winning carver in Far North Queensland.

Making a Dalek Move
by Tom Williams
Some innovation and a lot of painstaking metalwork was required to complete Cynthia Rogers' Dalek figure in Southern Myrtle.

Club Drumbeat
Twentieth Anniversary of the Townsville Area Woodturners Association Inc, QLD (TAWA), plus the Manning - Great Lakes Woodworkers Inc (NSW).

SketchUp Computer Drawing for Woodworkers
by Greg Lawrence
This free program is designed to make computer aided design (CAD) accessible for those who donít normally use computers. It's worth trying it out for yourself - you may be surprised at the results!

Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
See Deborah Lloyd carve live-sized figures with a chainsaw at this year's Sydney Show, 13-15 June, at Moore Park.

Professional Woodworkers Showcase
Ten of 10 of NSW's leading craftspeople - Tracy Gumm, Eugene Zacharewicz, Tony Ward, Adam Warburton, Helen White, Hugh Jones, Richard Crosland, Alex McDowell and John Brassell - will present their work at the Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show.


Turned Bellows
by John Swinkels
An avid woodturner, John turns his attention to the hand bellows and develops a design suitable for manufacture on the lathe.

Admiral Butterfly - Marquetry
by Jan Walker
Suitable for the beginner as well as those more advanced, this attractive design made from Tasmanian timber veneers can be used as a picture or as a decoration on a woodworking project.

Simple Rules for Successful Proportions
by Steve Maskery
Golden Mean, Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions, Hambridge Rectangles - Steve discusses what they mean and how they can be used when developing your woodworking designs.

Medicine or Bathroom Cabinet
by Don Phillips
Make better use of your bathroom with this large capacity wall-hung storage unit. While the joinery is relatively simple, once you have mastered the housing joints youíll be able to make bookcases, cupboards and dressers.

User Report
Pro-Mount Detailing Stand

by Brendan Stemp
As Brendan found, this simple device has many uses in the woodworker's workshop.

The Hotel Lamp
by Allen Barrett
A hotel visit provided the inspiration for this Arts & Crafts style desk or table lamp. The design incorporates a 'trick' to avoid the need for long-hole boring.

Octagonal Cabinet
by Robert Allison
Reminiscent of jeweller's display cases, this 80-drawer cabinet uses a modular design to speed up assembly. By adding or deleting modules during construction, the height and capacity of the finished cabinet can be altered as required.

'Gone Fishing' - Pyrography
by Carolyn McCully
Another of Scot Flynn's drawings, this fun pattern provides an opportunity to experiment with colour and textures, to improve your pyrography skills.

Other Features

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Book Reviews
Workshop Ideas Book
by Andy Rae
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from The Editors of Woodworker's Journal
Unique Wood Lamination Projects
by Jerry Syfert
Hewing Contemporary Bowls
with Rip & Tammi Mann
Making Wheels Easy - #1 & #2

DVD Reviews
Drawer Making - The Professional Approach
with Rob Cosman
Workshop Essentials : Jigs & Accessories
Woodcarving 2. Letter Carving

with Chris Pye
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