Issue Number 137

February 2008

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A Bowl Turned from a Flat Board

Collector's Cabinet - 2

Platter and Eccentric Turned Vessel

Tight Tenons on a Router Table

Walk Like an Egyptian

Turned Cabinet for an Old Radio

Ladder Safety Legs

Double Sided Breadboard

Folding Candelabra

Scraper Storage Block

A Boy and His Dog

Lathe-Mounted Sharpening Aid


Table of Contents


Carving Character
by Art Burrows
According to Kevin Banting, choosing a subject with character is part of the secret of creating a carving 'with character'.

Barwon Valley Woodwrights Secondary Schools Competition

Club Drumbeat
Innisfail Woodworkers Guild Inc (QLD)

Brendan Stemp's Multi-Axis Woodturning
by Vic Wood
After a 15 year distraction, Brendan has returned to woodturning full of new ideas.

Felder RL160 Dust Extractor
by John Renzetti
Felder backs up the clean air claims for its dust extractors with German Government certification.

Carroll's Woodcraft Supplies
Situated on the idyllic Bellarine, south of Melbourne, is one of Australia's national woodworking suppliers.

Australian School of Fine Wood Student Exhibition

JET Strengthens Its Commitment in Australia

George's Corner
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
Through the work of the Eildon & District Woodworker Guild, the little angels from AWW #124 are raising funds for Angel Flight.

Plank Competition 2007
This competition with a difference by the Triton Owners Club (Oyster Bay) NSW always produces an interesting range of entries.

Designing a Pendency Post
by George Hatfield
Before he turns his pendency post, George describes how he designed it using the principles and rules he outlined in issue #136.

Pietro Finocchiaro's turnings with a complex geometric form.

Colour Coded Grit
by Brendan Stemp

Spin Around NZ 2007
by Ken Newton
A fun weekend hosted by the Waitaki Woodturners Guild.


A Bowl Turned from a Flat Board
by John Swinkels
Converting a board into rings and then turning it into a bowl is more time-consuming than turning a single blank, but it saves a lot of wood and can be used to great effect.

Collector's Cabinet - 2
by Allen Barrett
The second half of this article covers the construction of the innovative shelving system.

Platter and Eccentric Turned Vessel
by Glenn Roberts
Glenn experiments with the versatility of the Vermec chuck drive.

Tight Tenons on a Router Table
by Don Phillips
Cut accurate tenons every time with this simple jig.

Walk Like an Egyptian
by Robert Lavender
Robert explains how to carve the animal feet used on the legs of Ancient Egyptian furniture.

Turned Cabinet for an Old Radio
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron demonstrates that you can always find ideas for new projects as he tackles the housing for this old mantel radio chassis.

Ladder Safety Legs
by Ken Williams
This simple device can prevent a stay in hospital.

Double Sided Breadboard
by Don Phillips
Make this attractive breadboard with a biscuit jointer or a router table.

Folding Candelabra
by Arron Barrents
An attractive box that 'transforms' into a double candleholder.

Scraper Storage Block
by Reg Cooke
It takes only a few minutes to make a safe storage for this important tool.

A Boy and His Dog
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn undertakes both animal and human features in this challenging project.

Lathe-Mounted Sharpening Aid
by John Swinkels
With this sharpening wheel, you can touch up your tools without having to leave the lathe.

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