Issue Number 131

February 2007

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Double Spiral Chinese Lamp

Fruit and Vegies Cabinet

Turning Bone

Candlestick with a Natural Edge

Japanese Garden - Pt.1 The Bridge

Penny at the Mirror

Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker - 1

Rescuing Turned Items

Novelty Frog Clip

Making a Viola



Table of Contents


Club Drumbeat
Callide Dawson Woodworkers Club Inc (Biloela QLD)
Woodturners of the Southern Highlands (NSW)

by Mike Darlow

- Gifkins Finger Joint Jig

by Neil Scobie
With the addition of a new template, the Gifkins Jig can now cut fine finger joints.

Triton Owners Club (Oyster Bay NSW) 2006 Plank Competition
This Club's Plank Competition generates a range of attractive and practical entries with an emphasis on cabinetmaking rather than turning or carving.

- Magswitch Featherboards

by Neil Scobie
Place your featherboards where they are needed, not just in the table slots, with this new rare earth magnet technology.

John Wickham's wooden geared clock, Darrell Smith's bowl and the Hastings Woodworkers Guild's Intarsia raffle piece.

Four Workshop Aids
by Jim Cleaver
A few easy to construct devices to make your woodworking easier.

George's Corner
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
James Johnson's unique turnings and monster lathe.

Woodworking Questions & Answers
by Paul Gregson (Assoc. Editor)
Fixing a rusted work table, recipe for homemade wax polish and some suggestions for setting up a small workshop.

Hobart Timber & Working With Wood Show
The Hobart Timber and Working with Wood Show is the perfect excuse to visit one of Australia's most beautiful regions with strong connections to timber and woodworking.

Kevin Banting Carves a Hero
by Gloria Banting
The carving of Major Duncan Chapman, believed to be the first Australian soldier to land at Gallipoli, was an exercise in research as well as technique.


Double Spiral Chinese Lamp
by W Allen
How is it done? Bill reveals the secret to the open twisted surround with a reverse twist centre that he uses on some of his Chinese lamps.

Fruit and Vegies Cabinet
by Neil Scobie
An attractive fruit and vegetable storer with wooden top and drawer front and perforated mesh panels for the sides and rear.

Turning Bone
by Carol Rix
Bone is inexpensive and ideal for small fine turnings, carvings and inlay to embellish woodwork pieces.

Candlestick with a Natural Edge
by George Hatfield
Turning a candlestick from a piece of Coastal Tea Tree firewood.

Japanese Garden - Pt.1 The Bridge
by John Swinkels & Hank Pelzer
This Japanese style bridge makes an attractive garden feature, spanning a pond or narrow water course.

Penny at the Mirror
by Wolfgang Bottcher
A simpler scrollsawn portrait for those who liked Wolfgang's The Girl in the Mirror.

Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker - 1
by John Swinkels
Incorporating a few uncommon features to make these items more challenging, John turns a meat tenderiser and a rolling pin. The gymbal candlestick appears in Part 2.

Rescuing Turned Items
by Aaron Ehrlich
We all have our 'mistakes' but they needn't end up as firewood. Aaron demonstrates what some re-turning, glue and stain can do to make new items from 'junk'.

Novelty Frog Clip
by Peter Fogelman
Once you know how it works, this frog is quite easy to make and serves as a handy practical gift that is well-received.

Making a Viola
by Reg Cooke
While the full instructions to make a musical instrument can fill a book, in this article Reg takes us throught the steps involved, explaining that patience and care rather than highly skilled woodworking are the secrets to a good viola.

Other Features

New Products

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Measuring sticks for inside dimensions and a versatile trammel

Book Reviews
Doggie Homes Barkitecture for your best friend
by Dr Karen Tobias and Kenny Alfonso
Miter Saw Fundamentals
by Rick Peters
The Complete Manual of Wood Bending
by Lon Schleining
Box by Box
by Jim Stack