Issue Number 13

May/June 1987


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Four Octave Xylophone

Doll's House Toybox

Bedside Table


Table of Contents

Tools that sharpen tools

On Edge
by Paul Gregson

Restoring Carving tools
by Les Miller

Turning Tool sharpening
by Mike Darlow
Four article feature on tool sharpening

Four Octave Xylophone
by Jeff Kemp
Woodworking project -- easy to make xylophone

His & Hers Toyboxes
by Peter Maslin
Woodworking project -- doll's house toybox

User Report
The Durden Pacemaker

Modern Makers of Wagon Wheels
Father and son learn to make wheels

Understanding Construction (Pt III)
by Wim Beyk

Short discussion on carving machines

A "fully clothed" beside table
by R Guthrie
Woodworking project -- circular table

Chuck Adaptor
by J Walsh
Turning aid -- wooden chuck adaptor

User Report
The Durden Pacemaker

Book Reviews
Projects for Creative Woodcarving
by Ian Norbury
Step by Step Woodcarving
by Alan & Gill Bridgewater
Proven Shop Tips
byTaunton Press

Timber Page
Everyone can help scavenge
by M Passmore