Issue Number 129

October 2006

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Surface Texturing - Pt 5

Modifications for Your Scrollsaw

The Obedient Ball

Taper-cutting Jigs for a Bandsaw

Blanket Box with Carved Till

Lighting for the Mini Studio



Table of Contents


Profile - Roger Gifkins
Roger has taken an unlikely path from a childhood fascination with electronics and mechanics to become a world-renowned wooden box-maker and jig inventor.

Where Do You Get It?
Catalogues often provide the answer for that missing tool or project component.

Club Drumbeat
Orange Woodworking Association Inc, NSW

Profile - Robert Lavender
Robert's passion for ancient woodworking is evident in his projects.

George's Corner
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
Laurie Chetter's twisted turnings.

A Timber to Die For
by Barrie Scott BA (Hons)
The intriguing saga of Sandalwood, one of the world's most highly valued woods.

Vale the Man on the Can
by Paul Gregson
Frank Bollins from the Southern Region Woodturners Guild was Wattyl’s 'man on the can'.

The work of John Looker and Vytautas Mulokas and items from the Wild Wood Gallery (TAS).

Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
Features, demonstrations, seminars, new products and exhibitors for the Melbourne Show, 20-22 October 2006.

Living With Wood 06
This year's event will include three exhibitions - Master Piece, Create with a Crate and Living with Wood - and be held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Conference Centre in conjunction with the Timber & Working with Wood Show.

Woodworking Questions & Answers
by Paul Gregson
Fail-safe chair joints (don't exist) and cutting square.

The Journey
by Greg Lawrence
Greg reveals the inspiration behind his award-winning sculpture.

Air Force - Microclene MC3000
by Melvyn Firmager

Mini Max C26 Combination Machine

by Neville D Powell


Surface Texturing - Pt 5
by Glenn Roberts
This time Glenn conbines pyrography, Dremel work and bleaching to create an effect inspired by nature.

Modifications for Your Scrollsaw
by Wolfgang Bottcher
Tuning your machine and making a number of simple modifications can greatly reduce blade breakage.

The Obedient Ball
by John Swinkels
How to make this magic trick, plus general comments on turning a sphere.

Taper-cutting Jigs for a Bandsaw
by Peter Fogelman
Unable to find a suitable jig, Peter experimented with his own designs.

Blanket Box with Carved Till
by Troy McDonald

This attractive utility box made from North Queensland Silky Oak incorporates an internal till with pull-out tray for storing smaller items.

Veezy Framing Kit

by Arnold Becker
Make a picture frame with the Veezy tools.

South African Ukhamba Collaboration
by Carol Rix
A joint effort with SA turner, Dennis Laidler, produced this hollow vessel based on the Zulu fired clay beer pots.

Razertip SK Detail Pyrography Unit

by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn puts the Razertip to work on carousel horse and Star Trek images.

Lighting for the Mini Studio
by Trevern Dawes
A follow-up to last issue's articles on the Mini Studio, this time Trevern looks at the lighting required to get the best results when photographing your woodwork.

Other Features

New Products

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
New use for old dentist's chairs, storing materials and making small dovetail chisels

Book Reviews
Power Tool Maintenance
by David Thiel

Lifelike Pyrography from Photographs
by Nedra Denison

Caricature Carving
by Dave Stetson

Turning Goblets with Mike Cripps
by Mike Cripps