Issue Number 126

April 2006

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Exercise Boards for Rehab Work

Carving Wonda and Weenie

Lyre Music Stand

Turning an Offset Stem Goblet

Turning a Certificate Holder

Chip Carving

Scroll-Sawn Goat



Table of Contents


Precision and Control in the Art of Woodturning
The works and influence of Mike Darlow - accomplished engineer, successful turner and internationally known author.

Thicknessers, Small and Large
A survey of the different thicknessers available, why you need one and what to look for when buying.

Torimba is Alive and Well!
by Buddy Smith
Last year's Festival of the Forest in Ravenshoe (Far North QLD) was another great success.

Profile - Graeme Priddle
by Neil Scobie
Graeme is an internationally recognised NZ turner, carver and pyrographer who has developed his own definitive style.

Club Drumbeat
The Sydney Woodturners Guild Southern Region celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Cubby House.

Exercise Boards for Rehab Work
by Alan Stewart
A nut and bolt board costs nothing, is easy to make and is a valuable tool for stroke victims.

Georges Corner
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
Review of the Collaboration 2005 held last October at the Woodturners of the Hunter workshops in Newcastle (NSW).

Skills Publishing Open Day
It’s early this year - 29 April. Don’t miss out!

Woodworking with Children - 6-12 Year Olds
by Ian Broinowski
This is perhaps the most important age for children visiting the workshop, when they are most likely to develop lifelong interests and habits.

Carving in the Blue Mountains
Everyone wanted wombats in Maricha Oxley’s first carving class for western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Musings at the Scrollsaw
by Eric Lysaght
Every piece of wood has its story.

Frank Rowe's butterfly and Peter Finocchiaro’s turning.

by Neil Scobie
Neil trials Terry Gosschalk's new sanding attachment for the drill press, lathe and portable drill.

USER REPORT - Weldbond Adhesives
by Neil Scobie
Neil samples all three Weldbond glues - Professional Wood Glue, Outdoor Wood Glue and Universal Adhesive.


Scaling Down Projects
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
George explains how to use scaling graphs to enlarge or reduce designs to suit the timber at hand.

Carving Wonda and Weenie
by Maricha Oxley
A free-form mother and 'baby' wombat are Maricha's latest project.

Lyre Music Stand
by Robert Millet
Huon Pine and stainless steel were used to make this eye-catching stand.

Box Lids with Scrollsawn Names
by Frank Parrish
A simple and effective technique for personalising box lids and other wooden items.

Turning an Offset Stem Goblet
A project using the Robert Sorby Eccentric Chuck.

Colour Matching with Padding
by Mac Simmons
Pigmented powders and padding medium such as French Polish can be used to build up a perfect colour match on repairs.

Turning a Certificate Holder
by Jim Stoner
After you’ve made one of these, you'll never again be satisfied with using a mailing tube for your certificates!

Chip Carving
by W A Lane
This is a fascinating craft that requires a minimum of tools but a lot of patience.

Scroll-Sawn Goat
by Wolfgang Böttcher
A similar project to last issue's kookaburra but a bit more challenging.

Other Features

New Products

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Sander Mount, Disposable Spray Booth and a Trigger Hold for the Triton

Book Reviews
The Wooden Bowl
by Robin Wood
Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets (Second Edition)
by Danny Proulx
Custom Wooden Music Boxes for the Scroll Saw
by Rick and Karen Longabaugh
Success with Routing
by Stuart Lawson

DVD Reviews
Beginning Woodcarving
by Everett Ellenwood
Router Joinery with Gary Rogowski
by Gary Rogowski