Issue Number 122

August 2005

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Woodturning Tips - A Lid for a Vessel

Hi-Fi Tower - Part 2

Easter Island Statue

Using Your Router to Cut Circular Blanks

Surface Texturing - Part 3

Turned Lidded Boxes

Modern Wall Clock

Turning a Round Square Edge Bowl


Table of Contents


Les Miller 1935-2005

Profile - John Lister
Based in Christchurch NZ, John Lister developed his professional woodturning career from no more than an interest in starting a hobby.

Blue Mountains Challenge 2005
Almost a dozen NSW woodturning clubs entered this year'’s Challenge.

Specialised Cabinetmaking Drills
Non-standard drill/driver designs intended to make cabinetmaking easier.

Home Grown Inventions 1985-2005
Innovation in the woodworking community has led to the development of many successful local products.

Strings on a Shoestring
by Reg Cooke
Having finished his 12th project, Reg dispels some of the myths and encourages others to have a go at making musical instruments.

Club Drumbeat
Hastings Woodworkers Guild moves to new premises and the Hills District Triton User Group Inc promotes its activities.

20th Anniversary Competition
20 prizes to be won by 20 readers - coupon p.46.

Carving a Place in History
by Jenny Springett
Women were prominent among Australian woodcarvers from around 1860 to between the World Wars.

Adelaide & Canberra Timber and Working With Wood Shows
Guides for both Shows including main attractions.

USER REPORT - Triton PRA001 Respirator
by Alec Bendeli
A search for better personal dust protection led to the Triton unit.

Georges Corner
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
The story behind the vessel used in this issue’s Woodturning Tips.

Turn-Fest 2005
by George Hatfield
This year's carving and turning event included twelve demonstrators from around Australia, plus Betty Scarpino (USA) and Jean-Francois Escoulen (France).


Woodturning Tips - A Lid for a Vessel
by George Hatfield
The decision to add a lid to a completed deep vessel posed a few challenges.

Hi-Fi Tower - Part 2
by A Barrington
Building the drawers.

Making Chairs That Work
by Paul Gregson, Steven Burrows and Art Burrows
A historical and engineering overview of the development of the chair and how to make your design successful.

Easter Island Statue
by Aaron Ehrlich
A home-made profiler enabled the shape of a clay mock-up to be transferred to a laminated wooden sculpture.

Using Your Router to Cut Circular Blanks
by Fred Sundholme
This simple jig can be set up to mass produce circular blanks, 90-180mm in diameter.

Surface Texturing - Part 3
by Glenn Roberts
Hammer-action power tools are a fast and effective means of texturing wood.

Turned Lidded Boxes
by Charles T Orr
These items are simple to turn, use up your offcuts and make great presents.

Modern Wall Clock
by Kevin J Cass
Wall-mounted clock design based on a battery-operated movement with pendulum.

Spiral Blades for the Scrollsaw
by Neil Schulz (Assoc. Editor)
Useful for complex designs, these innovative blades have their advantages and limitations.

Hamilton's plane restorations, Roseveare's cross-eyed clock and Ehrlich's unusual clocks.

Turning a Round Square Edge Bowl
by Alexander Bendeli
The pieces of waste material used when turning this bowl looked so good, they were left intact in the finished shape.

Other Features

New Products

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Verandah Posts on a Short Lathe, WC Collar for Dust Collection

Book Reviews
Pyrography Workbook, A Complete Guide to the Art of Woodburning
by Sue Walters
Beneath the Bark, Twenty-Five Years of Woodturning
by Kip W Christensen and Dale L Nish
Carving Canes & Walking Sticks
by Tom Wolfe
Jet Shopclass — Shapers VHS Video or DVD
The Illustrated Guide to Cabinet Doors and Drawers
by David Getts
Carving Ears and Hair
by Jeff Phares