Issue Number 121

June 2005

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Surface Texturing - Part 2

Candlestick with a Difference

Hi-Fi Tower - Part 1

La Maja

Scrollsaw Swirl

Aluminium & Hot-Melt Glue Make a Wonderful Combination

Long Hole Boring



Table of Contents


Profile - Kevin Banting
by Buddy Smith
Kevin has been carving people from wood for the last five years, but his beautiful pieces are the result of a life-long fascination with sculpting.

The Forest and Heritage Centre Geeveston TAS
by Neil Scobie
Vintage woodworking machinery, forestry display, a production woodturner in action and Tasmanian timber furniture and products, all under one roof.

A Tale of Two Feet
by Art Burrows
Two chairs, similar feet, yet their designers lived thousands of years apart.

20th Anniversary Competition
20 prizes to be won by 20 readers.

Best of Show, Auckland 2005
Winning entries at the Timber & Working with Wood Show.

Club Drumbeat
The Tardis Lives!
Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild rescue their old style phone box.

Going with the Grain
by Julie Hinchcliffe
For the Thompsons, farm forestry is money in the bank - their bank.

1985-2005 A Generation of Woodworkers
Over the last two decades woodworking in Australia and New Zealand has seen many changes.

Brisbane & Sydney Timber and Working With Wood Shows
Guides for both Shows including main attractions and exhibitor lists.

Easy Riser Drill Table Conversion Kit

by Neil Scobie
This simple device from Terry Gosschalk, inventor of the WASP, makes any drill press much easier to adjust.

Vermec Ultimate Deep Hollowing Set

by Carol Rix
The hollowing set builds on previous designs, creating a set of tools that are easier to use and require less physical effort.

Xtreme Xtension Router Bit Holder

by Les Miller
An innovative device which enables router bits to be installed above the table top into table-mounted 1/2" routers.

George's Corner
The J C Campbell Craft School

This live-in folk school in North Carolina USA provides students with an opportunity to learn almost any craft in an intensive week-long course.


Surface Texturing - Part 2
by Glen Roberts
You don't have to be able to draw to use a pyrography tool for exciting texturing techniques.

Candlestick with a Difference
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
Laminated sections and a scalloped base make for an unusual design.

Hi-Fi Tower - Part 1
by A Barrington
This modern design makes a feature of your hi-tech equipment instead of hiding it behind doors.

La Maja
by Maricha Oxley
A carving based on the painting of La Maja Desnuda by Spanish Master, Franciso Jose de Goya.

Scrollsaw Swirl
by Alan Bullin
The swirling design for this pot stand is simple to make but challenging to perfect.

Templates & Patterns
by Lindsay G Collins

Jim Scott's interest in woodworking has led to a workshop filled with custom-made machines.

Aluminium & Hot-Melt Glue Make a Wonderful Combination
by Jim McCarter
The excellent bond between wood and aluminium created by hot-melt glue provided the solution to turning a composite Crucifix base.

Long Hole Boring
by Mike Darlow
Forming a long hole through a lamp stand or other item can be challenging. Mike looks at the options and his experiences with different methods.

Other Features

New Products

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Corner Cutter for the Bandsaw, Joiner's Pencil Sharpener

Book Reviews
Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Period Furniture Details
by Lonnie Bird
Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Sharpening
by Thomas Lie-Nielsen
Carving Spoons
by Shirley Adler
Treasure Chests
by Lon Schleining
Wood Finishing Fixes
by Michael Dresdner