Issue Number 12

March/April 1987


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Fire Engine Toy Box

Laminated Platter

Making a Cutlery Box


Table of Contents

The Ins and Outs of Radial Arm Saw
Radial Arm Saw survey

The Plane Makers
by David Warren

The Warm Hand Tool
by David Warren
Modern wooden planes E C Emmerich

Towards a good finish
by Paul Gregson
Second in series about finishes and finishing

the world's most unusual lathe?

His & Hers
by Peter Maslin
Woodworking project -- Fire Engine toybox

Old Rockin' Chair got me! (Pt II)
by Bill Hawtin
Woodworking project

Wall Mirror
by RM Guthrie
Woodworking project

A Weekend at Sovereign Hill

It's the thought that counts
by R Gall
Woodworking project -- laminated platter

Making a Cutlery Box
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking project

New Importer of Japanese Tools
by John G Leete

User Report
Metabo Tacker Ta E 3030

User Report
Ryobi HB-321 SF Belt Sander

Book Reviews
The Stanley Plane
by Alvin Sellens
The Art of Turned-Wood Bowls
by Edward Jacobson