Issue Number 114

April 2004

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Replicating a Wine Goblet

Hobby Work Bench

An Urn from the Peppercorn Tree

Pivoting Jaw to suit the Triton Superjaws

Bevel Cutting on the Scrollsaw

Router Attachment for the Lathe

Turning a Segmented Lamp Base



Table of Contents


Considering Dust Extraction?
There are many personal devices and dust extraction machines available to control wood dust in your workshop.

Plywood Ducts for Dust Control
by Frank Wiesner
Frank's solution to a central dust collection system - he made his own with plywood ducting.

Torso Carving
by Neil Scobie
A carving class with a difference.

Ancient Egyptian Woodworking
by Art Burrows
Pull saws were in use over 3000 years ago, but the Egyptian method of rip sawing was unique.

Club Drumbeat
Two woodworking clubs celebrate their 20th Anniversaries - The Sydney Woodturners Guild Inc. and The Hunter Co-operative Ltd.

Teachers Bench
by Les Miller
Les discusses the importance of jointwork.

George's Corner
by George Hatfield
A nautilus shell-shaped house has George intrigued.

Skills Publishing/dmg Woodworking Competition
Something for the Kitchen - this is a Competition for everyone. No matter what kind of woodworking you do, you can exhibit your work and get the chance to win a cash prize up to $1000!

Brisbane Timber & Working with Wood Show 2004
The year's Brisbane Show has some new and exciting surprises.

Teknatool Trans Tasman Woodturning Competition
Choosing the finalists in this Competition was a formidable achievement.

The Ultimate Workshop Goodbye to the Dream Workshop - the Ultimate Workshop 2004 has arrived!

User Report:
Dyco Router Table

by Neil Scobie

User Report:
Woodcut Tru-Grind Tool Sharpening System

by Vic Wood

User Report:
Jet JSG-96 Disc and Belt Sander

by Neil Scobie


Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Replicating a wine goblet is not difficult if you have command of your chisels.

Hobby Work Bench
by Trevor Larkey
Need somewhere to assemble small items or do some craft work? Trevor has the answer.

An Urn from the Peppercorn Tree
by Robert Allison
Turn a rustic urn from Peppercorn wood.

Pivoting Jaw to Suit the Triton Superjaws
by Glenn Roberts
Make your Triton Superjaws more versatile with a pivoting clamp.

Bevel Cutting on the Scrollsaw
by Neil Schulz
Decorative Kookaburra in a Tree using bevel cuts.

Router Attachment for the Lathe
by Les Swift
Flute your Standard Lamp Base or make an orange squeezer - there are many applications for this versatile attachment.

Turning a Segmented Lamp Base
by Alan Finlay
Learn how to segment and turn a hollow lamp base.

by Alan Logan
Alan learned the dangers of baby's rattles the hard way. This is his solution to the problems.

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New Products

Book Reviews
176 Woodworking Projects
Making Wooden Clock Cases
by Tim and Peter Ashby
Veneering Handbook
by Ian Hosker
Cutting-Edge Table Saw - Tip & Tricks
by Kenneth Burton