Issue Number 112

December 2003

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Carved Decorations for Christmas, Easter, Special Occasions, Parties or the Home

Anchor Clock

Refectory-Style Table

A Fine Woodworking Mallet

Making and Carving a Fire Bellows (Part 2)

Hanging Fragrance

Tea Trolley


Table of Contents


Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Understanding wood is essential for every woodworker.

Cover Story: A Rising Star
The future of the craft is safe in the hands of woodturners and cabinetmakers like Karen Blewden.

Something Special
A brief glimpse of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery's Something Special exhibition.

Canberra Timber & Working with Wood Show 2003
Les Miller predicts a big future for the growing Canberra show.

A Guide to Wood Finishes
Where to start when choosing a finish for your latest masterpiece.

Andrew Downie: Working Wonders with Wood
Totally blind, Andrew still enjoys woodworking with the aid of some very clever tools.

User Report
Metabo KGS 1880 Plus Sliding Compund Saw

Club Drumbeat
A happy 20th birthday to Woodgroup SA.

The varied marquetry work of Graham Artley.

Shutter Company Steps Up With Felder

by Neil Shulz
Neil shows you how to finish your scrollsaw work.

George's Corner
George shares his experiences of a recent woodturning tour of the USA where he met many friendly, big-hearted and dedicated turners.

Woodturner's Toolmaker
by Carol Rix

User Report
The new Vermec Mini-Lathe


Carved Decorations for Christmas, Easter, Special Occasions, Parties or the Home
by Maricha Oxley
If you start now, you can have these carved decorations ready for your tree this Christmas.

Anchor Clock
by Tom Manley
An excellent scollsaw project.

A Swarf Maker's Guide to Making a Refectory-Style Table
by Steve Painter
The story of how this table came to be is as appealing as its design.

A Fine Woodworking Mallet
by Keith Hudson
This lightweight mallet is ideal for making dovetails.

Making and Carving a Fire Bellows (Part 2)
by Clive Price
When you finish carving your bellows, you will have made a valuable addition to your home.

Hanging Fragrance
by Carol Rix
Carol describes the method she has developed for making these useful Potpourri hangers.

For the Woodworker: Hardening and Tempering Tools
by Jim Hall
The know-how you need to make your own woodworking tools.

Spirals Decorate Tea Trolley
by Cecil Judd
This project will put your woodturning skills to the test.


Other Features

Dream Workshop Giveaway 2003

Teknatool Trans Tasman Competition

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Cramping a Lamp, Wooden 'T' Wingnuts

New Products

Book Reviews
Complete Woodfinishing - Revised Edition
by Ian Hosker
Spielman's Original Scroll Saw Patterns
by Patrick & Patricia Spielman
Woodturning in Miniature
by Ian and Nina Wilkie
Marquetry and Inlay Handbook
by Zachary Taylor