Issue Number 11

January/February 1987


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Old Rockin' Chair

A Miniature Grandfather Clock

Toy Cradle


Table of Contents

Choosing your Planer/Thicknesser
Planer/Thicknesser survey

The Grand 'ol American Rockin' Chair

Old Rockin' Chair got me! (Pt I)
by Bill Hawtin
Woodworking project

Now they're putting computers in hand drills!
Metabo Sb EDV 1000/2S automatic drill

A Miniature Grandfather Clock
by Max Harpley
Woodworking project

It's All in the Finish
by Paul Gregson
First of a series on finishes and finishing

Putting the Pressure On
by Steve Ledger
Home-made guides for an inverted router

Rustin's Plastic Coating
How to use this plastic coating

A Toy Cradle
by Roger Jenkins
Woodworking project

VWA Exhibition 1986

User Report
Elu 172

by Colin Appleton

Woodcraft A.C.T. 1986

Fine tuning a metal bodied plane
by I McPherson

Club List

Profile of a Supplier -- E & F Stanley

Bowl with Matching Lid
by Jim Walsh
Woodworking project

Book Reviews
World Woods in Colour
by William A Lincoln
Making Small Wooden Boxes
by James A Jacobson

Timber Page
by Karen Ellis