Issue Number 102

April 2002

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Technical Sketching

Table Saw Insert

Slender Flowers

Neil Scobie's Mini Sound
System Cabinet

Home-made Router Table

Wolf Bust

Yarn Storage Box


Table of Contents


Profile: Rada Vlascici, Artist Working in Wood
The maker of 'The Wheel' reveals just how challenging working in wood can be.

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Basic problems of materials and jointing (part 6), carcass jointing alternatives.

A Time Maker
by Jeff Lewry
Ian Jaeger's wooden clock design, and the amazing home-made lathe used to produce many of the clock parts.

ArtisTree Project
Making the most of a weed tree species is the impetus for Barung Landcare's latest project.

George's Corner
by George Hatfield
Looking at it from the other side.

Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show
Your guide to the latest Timber Show, including more details on the National Woodwork Competition and the Triton National Wooden Toy Competition.

Tree Power
Big trees make big ideas come true.



Technical Sketching
by Terry Gosschalk
Straight forward steps for successful technical sketching. Includes a contest with a chance to win a Woodfast Dragonfly Sander!

Saw Safely
by J.K. Looker
Make your table saw safer with custom blade inserts.

Turn, Boil & Bend Slender Flowers
by Ernie Newman
1.5mm stems are possible using a home-made string steady.

Mini Sound System Cabinet
by Neil Scobie
This cabinet is more practical for today's smaller systems.

Portable Precision
by Neil Scobie
A home-made router table that fits wherever you need it.

Wolf Song
by Cynthia Rogers
Carving the 3-D bust of a wolf on commission has its challenges and rewards.

An Organised Yarn
by Maurice Passmore
Inspiration comes from another craft, in this project of a box for storing skeins of thread.


Other Features

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Rounded calipers, dust mask, screw centre faceplate, giant T-square and drawing ellipses

Club Drumbeat
Sculptree competition, The Eltham & District Woodworking Club Inc.

Book Reviews
Making Wood Folk Instruments
by Dennis Waring
Make your own Electric Guitar and Bass
by Dennis Waring and David Raymond
Carving the Human Figure: Studies in Wood and Stone
by Dick Onions
Boat Bulding in Wood: from Lofting to Rigging
by Colin Faggetter