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Issue #3

This third issue has projects ranging from simple CD tops to amazing Gantry Cranes and Foreign Legion Forts. Primary material is wood or manufactured wood product.

See projects below.

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Feature articles

Overhead Gantry Crane
by Robert Allison
Equipped with three cranes and over a metre long, this is a dream toy for any child fascinated with loading and unloading trucks.

Making Thunder —
a Small Rocking Horse

by Neil Scobie
This down-sized rocking horse for toddlers has served ten different children over two decades.

Foreign Legion Fort
by Gerard Fristch
A slot and tab construction fort — the perfect home for toy soldiers.

Dolls' House Furniture — 2
Table and chairs

by Stan Nemeth

More delightful scrollsawn furniture.

The Jeep
by Andrew Burnett
A wooden version of a popular vehicle.

Draught Horse & Farm Cart
by Chris & Viktoria Woolcock
This 1/6 scale Clydesdale makes an attractive toy, but it is also an affordable introduction to some of the techniques and terms used in make rocking horses.

The Recycled Spinning Top
by Gordon Brook
Don’t throw out your used CDs. With a turned stem, they make greater tops!

Turned Toy Heads with Character
by Chris Matters
Making different heads with faster production methods.

Norm's Tractor Mk IV
by Norm McKay
A tractor built the way they used to make them - solid! The junior farmer in your family will appreciate this large robust vehicle which doesn’t require batteries or fuel.

Toy Cars - Plain Jane and Gorgeous Gussie
by Derek Thomas
One design but two very different shapes. Jane is a good production toy; Gussie requires more individual attention.

Gumball Machine
by Robert Allision
Turn your own full-size gumball machine.

Joshua, the Ride-On Diesel
by Derek Thomas
This practical diesel design makes a change from the traditional steam locomotive toy.


Trains, Planes and Automobiles
In the upper Blue Mountains west of Sydney there is a shop full of toy delights, for children and adults.

Offcut Star Fighter
by Eris Kennedy
Start your own squadron with this easy-to-build intergalactic fighter. You'll also need to eat more pizza.

Hunter Miniaturists Group
This dedicated group of toymakers meets twice a month and regularly exhibits its work.

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