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This 96 page launch issue is crammed with plans, projects, toymaking techniques, tools and suppliers. Simple, challenging, small, large, machined, turned, carved, static and animated toys and puzzles are included. Primary material is wood or manufactured wood product.

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Feature articles

Ride-on Forklift
by Bert Toomey
This working toy is plenty of fun for older children.

Steam Engine Toybox
by Graeme Thompson
The perfect gift for any
steam-train-mad child.

Horse Race Track
by Robert Allison
Have a great evening home Ďat the racesí with this animated toy.

Pull-Along Horse
by Chris Woolcock
Layered outlines make this traditional carved toy easy to make.

Tongue Drum
by Keith Hudson
With a little practice you can play a tune on this instrument Itís also a lot less raucous than the traditional toy drum.

Dune Buggy
Fun for toddlers and pre-schoolers with this toy recreational vehicle.

Noughts & Crosses
by Alan Bernard
Save paper by making a wooden version of this popular game. The large pieces make it easy for pre-schoolers to join in.

Kewpie Doll and Babydoll
by Maricha Oxley
Based on the Kewpie dolls of the past, this toy can be made as either a 380mm high carved doll or a whittled version half the size.

Toy Cradle
A simple toy from a timeless design.
Bears photographed with permission of
NRMA CareFlight.

by Alan Maunder
A traditional spinning toy, the diablo is an interesting project for the woodturner.

Top Achievements
by Geoff OíLoughlin
Taking toy-making too seriously can have unexpected consequences.

Tug Boat
by Adrian Black
A simple toy that does float.

The Simple Toys of Friedrich Froebel
Froebel developed his Gifts while educating small children.

Olde BiPlane
by John Clark
John uses the Triton Workcentre to mass produce his planes.

Making Wheels
Use this jig to make your own wooden wheels on a bandsaw.

As well as....
The Triton Toys
Woodworking for Toy-Makers
Toy-Making Regulations
Toy-Makerís Workshop
Buying Timber
Using Grids