Issue Number 9

March 1993


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Mirror, Mirror

Making a Mantelpiece

Combination footstool, coffee table and storage

Do-it-yourself Kitchen Cabinetry

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Toy Project


Table of Contents

Basketball Backboards

Timber for Housing
Guide to selection of timber species

Take a Look at Yourself
by R M Guthrie
Vanity mirror -- woodworking project

Beside the Fire
by Ellen Pound
Making a mantelpiece -- woodworking project

Selection, Maintenance and Safety

Build Your Kitchen From Less
by Noel Butcher
Sheet Layout software review

What House Insulation Do I Need?
Guide to house insulation materials

Sydney Commonwealth Bank Home Show Guide

by David Haskett
Combination footstool, coffee table and storage -- woodworking project

Air Power
by Paul Herbison, McMillan Air Compressors

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinetry
Construction project

1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
by Bruce Searant
A wooden model -- woodworking project

Adding Value to Your Home
by Don Bunting
Spending your money wisely

Timber Edges
by B P Ferrie
Using iron-on edge veneers

Book Reviews
How To Store Just About Anything
by Albert Jackson & David Day
Make Your Own Dolls' House
by Christopher Cole
Masonry Projects and Techniques
by Richard T Kreh, Sr.
Ceramic Tile Setting
by John P Bridge

The Back Page
by Nick Kroopin, Argent Australia