Issue Number 8

December 1993


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Planter from Offcuts

Can-opener operated gadgets

Spice Rack/Roll Holder

Making a Change Table/Desk

For the Birds


Table of Contents

Offcuts Planter
by David Haskett
Woodworking project

Guide to selection of sanders

Clare Residence, Buderim
An innovative house design incorporating plywood

Sheets of Wood
The benefits of plywood

Can Opener Power
by Max Warner
Use of old can openers to motorise gadgets

Buying Plywood
How to select the right grade for your project

Building with Plywood
Plywood could save you money and give you a stronger house

Plywood around the Home
Few materials have as many uses as plywood

Stick or MIG
by Jim McKenzie
Welder selection

by Peter Clews, Sandvik Australia Pty Ltd
The benefits of hardpoint handsaws

Rack and Roll
by Bruce Searant
Woodworking project -- spice rack/roll holder

Australian Made Gifts for the House-J for less than $100

by M Burgess
Advanced woodworking project

Air Power
by Paul Herbison, McMillan Air Compressors

Never Too Late
Owner-builders don't have to be young!

Settee/Bed/Storage Unit
by Dave Harper
Woodworking project

House Construction (for the Birds)
by David Haskett
Woodworking project

Plumbing Update

Concrete Slabs How do they work?

Make Your Own Disposable Paint Brushes
by Bert Ferrie

Mail Order Housing
The story of Sears, Roebuck and Co. mail order houses

Book Reviews
Joinery Basics
by Sam Allen
Care and Repair of Lawn & Garden Tools
by Homer L Davidson
From One Sheet of Plywood
by John Reid

The Back Page
by Barry Redman, BHP Sheet & Coil