Issue Number 74

July 2004


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Recycled Garden Chairs

B&D Workmate Modification

Pine Corner Display Unit

Western Rocker

Adjustable Garden Legrest

Vernier Calipers in the Home Workshop

Boring Bars


Table of Contents

Renovation & Building

Save Energy, Save Money Water Management
by John Ross
Water management, rather than conservation, may prove to be the long-term solution to drought conditions.

Make Your Bathroom Renovation a Success
Use our guide to plan your renovation and ensure that your new bathroom is problem-free, functions well and looks wonderful.

Spruce Up Your Pool
The latest trend is not just a clean up, but a complete makeover of the pool and its surroundings. Set a theme with Balinese, Mexican, Tuscan, beach, resort, jungle or whatever style you want.

Spring Decoration
by Noel Cole, Associate Editor
Having problems with chalky surfaces, bleed-through stains and old wallpaper? Industry expert Noel Cole offers some solutions.

BDAA Awards 2004
Last issue we covered the new residence categories in the 9th National Building Design Awards for the Building Designers Association of Australia. This issue we look at the award winners for additions and alterations, interiors and energy efficiency.


DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Composters and Worm Farms

Recycling organic waste not only helps the environment, but by using a compostor and worm farm you can make your own compost and fertliser for the garden.

The Triton Workshop
The Biscuit Jointer — Basic Joints

by Stuart Lees
President of the Triton Woodworkers Club, Holmesglen, Stuart looks at the operation of the Triton Biscuit Jointer and its application to simple woodworking tasks.

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Lay a Timber Floor

With the help of a few tips, you can easily replace your old flooring with a new timber floor.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller, Associate Editor
Clamps and cramps are both used to hold timber. They come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and designs, each intended for a specific purpose. Les discusses their functions and explains why you can never have too many clamps and cramps.


Recycled Garden Chairs
by Pat Crowe
A complete rebuild turned these wrecks into fashionable patio furniture.

B&D Workmate Modification
by Bert Toomey
These simple home-made jigs greatly increase the capacity and the versatility of the popular B&D Workmate.

Pine Corner Display Unit
by M Bentley
Fill that empty corner in your room with this easy-to-make display cupboard.

Western Rocker
by David Haskett
John Wayne assisted in the design of this attractive rocking chair.

BMI Range of Spirit Levels

by Les Miller
BMI levels offer a high degree of accuracy at an affordable price.

Adjustable Garden Legrest
by Ken Williams
This adjustable wooden legrest is the perfect accessory for your garden seating.

Vernier Calipers in the Home Workshop
by John Newman
Vernier calipers are very useful and the basic models are relatively inexpensive. They’re easy to use — once you know how.

Boring Bars
by John Newman
If you have access to a metal lathe you can make these boring bars which will cut oversize holes through most metals.

Post Removal Made Easy
by Pat Crowe
Levering a post out of the ground can be much more effective than wriggling it or digging it out.


Book Reviews
The Used Lumber Project Book
by Kerry Pierce
Display Cases You Can Build
by Danny Proulx
Storage Projects For The Router
Building Kitchen Cabinets
by Udo Schmidt