Issue Number 71

January 2004


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Child's Table and Stool

A Better Sanding Block

Sheet Metal Bender

Cabinet repair

Blade Jig for a Bandsaw


Table of Contents

Renovation & Building

Save Energy, Save Money
Hot air engines

by John Ross
Little known in modern times, the Stirling engine may yet play a role in energy efficient technology for the home.

Paint it Right!
Choosing the right paint can be more important than selecting the right colour.

Tropical Paradise
A closer look at the award-winning Port Douglas home designed by Chris Vandyke.

Plumb Simple — 8
Care and maintenance of loose jumper valve and ceramic cartridge taps.

Landscape Your Garden This Summer
Careful planning is the secret to a beautiful backyard.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored — 36
The problem with smaller amplifiers.

User Report
Panasonic Combo Kit EYC135NQKW

by Les Miller
With a 15.6V drill/driver and 15.6V circular wood saw, this combo kit offers value and performance.

Skills Publishing Open Day, October 2003
This event was a great success and will be repeated in October 2004.

User Report
Metabo KGS 1370 Sliding Compound Saw

by Les Miller
Les tests Metabo’s latest sliding compound saw for DIY and light to medium duty use.



MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Do Your Own Bricklaying

While it may appear daunting at first, with the right tools and advice you can lay your own bricks for a barbecue, wall or fence.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller, Associate Editor
Planes and Planing Pt.2
Having covered the sharpening of the blade last issue, Les now discusses how to plane panel surfaces, edges and end-grain.


Child’s Table and Stool
by Michael Green
This sturdy Pine table and stool make an excellent children’s bedroom furniture set that will last for many years.

A Better Sanding Block
by Glenn Roberts
This innovative home-made sanding block can make paint preparation much easier.

Sheet Metal Bender
by John Newman
If you can weld, this 1250mm long sheet metal bender makes a great addition to the equipment in your workshop.

Cabinet Repair
by Michael Green
Repairing old pieces of furniture is an enjoyable and worthwhile pastime, but it can be challenging at times.

Twelve Reasons to Buy a Digital Camera for the Workshop
by John Kerr
If you’re interested in buying a digital camera, you probably don’t need 12 good reasons, but here they are anyway.

Blade Jig for a Bandsaw
by David Haskett
Silver soldering broken bandsaw blades is quite simple once you’ve made a jig to hold the ends aligned.

Tap Washer Woes
by Pat Crowe
Two tales about good neighbours and why you shouldn’t store the plug in the plughole.


Book Reviews
Garden Rooms
by Taunton Press
Metal Embossing
by Lark Books
Upholstery Restoration
by David James
Country Woodworker
by Jack Hill