Issue Number 7

September 1992


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Making a Folding Traymobile

Home-made Mover's Dolly

Making the Dolls House


Table of Contents

Guide to selection and use of angle and bench grinders

Rock Solid -- or is it?
Using concrete

Troubled Waters
Problems with household plumbing

Plastic Water Pipe

New Tile Cutting Marvel
Sonicut 30

The Worst Leak of All
Leaking shower recesses

Water Conservation
Effect on plumbing products

CD Technology
Ceramic disc taps

Make a Folding Traymobile
by David Haskett
Woodworking project

Rout a Clock
by Dennis Wade
Woodworking project

Not Too Backward to Tell the Time
by Warren Turnbull
Uses for reverse running clock movements

The Truck Clock
by H Eames
Woodworking project

Advanced Windows

Home-made Mover's Dolly
by Bert Ferrie

The Dolls' House
by Noel Butcher
Woodworking project

Dolls' House Plans (4)

Book Reviews
The Californian Bungalow in Australia
by Graeme Butler
Clockmaking -18 Antique Designs for the Woodworker
by John A Nelson
Concrete - A Homeowner's Illustrated Guide
by David H Jacobs, Jr

The Back Page
by Noel Ryan, Hitachi Sales Australia Pty Ltd