Issue Number 69

September 2003


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Oars for the Family Boat

Bedside Cabinets

Bedroom Wall Unit

Make a Tapestry Stand

Rollaway Gas Cooktop

The Bishop's Kneeler


Table of Contents

Renovation & Building

Save Energy, Save Money
Tradelink’s Environmental Solutions

by John Ross
Solar House Day 2003
Across Australia and New Zealand around 100 homes displaying passive solar and sustainable design will be open to the public on Sunday, 14 September 2003.

Dazzled by Bright Lights
by Glenn Roberts
Modern lighting trends may be attractive but are they practical?

The Perfect Kitchen
Ensure that your new or renovated kitchen not only looks good but is a joy to use. We look at the tips the professionals use and how our changing lifestyle is imposing new demands on the kitchen.

Take a Break — with a Cup of Crivelli Coffee
Reader Giveaway.

5 Deck Safety Checks
Is your deck safe to use this summer? Before you invite friends and relatives over, use this five point guide from BRANZ to check that your deck has survived the winter and retained its strength.

Fixing a Roof Leak or Two
by Pat Crowe
Regular inspection and simple maintenance can avoid expensive roof repairs.

Plaster Like a Professional —
with CSR Gyprock Tools and Guides
Reader Giveaway.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored — 34
Setting up a Home Hi-fi Speaker System.

User Report
Ryobi Combo Set

by John Kerr



DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Give Your New Home a New Lease of Life with White Knight’s new and unique home care range.
Touch Up on Brush and Roller Techniques — tools do maketh the job!

The Triton Workshop
Dust Extraction Trolley

by Craig Tilley
Craig made his Triton Dust Collection system more convenient to use by placing both the canister and the vacuum cleaner on a home-made trolley.
Breathe Easy with the Triton Powered Respirator
To provide the maximum in personal protection against dust inhalation, Triton has released its new Powered Respirator.

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Make a Child's Easel

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller, Associate Editor
Joining Metals — sweated seams, adhesives, nuts-and-bolts, screws and pop rivets.



Oars for the Family Boat
by Eris Kennedy
Making your own oars is a practical woodworking project that is surprisingly simple to do and builds confidence in the use of the spokeshave and hand plane.

Bedside Cabinets
by Paul Johnson
This simple weekend project will provide much needed bedside storage. Paul used recycled materials for an antique look, but you can use new timber and stain if desired.

Fixing Dead Batteries
by John Kerr
If you can solder, then a simple battery repair may make your favourite cordless tool operable again.

Bedroom Wall Unit
by Craig Tilley
There’s never too much storage in a child’s bedroom, so everyone will really appreciate this easy-to-make wall unit.

Tapestry Stand
by David Haskett
How to make your own tapestry stand to suit your requirements.

Rollaway Gas Cooktop
by Bert Toomey
Mobilise your benchtop cooker with this handy trolley.

The Bishop’s Kneeler
by David Haskett
A kneeler may be an uncommon item, but it’s very handy to own one if you ever need it!

Col’s Mower
by Pat Crowe
This monster is not a project, but a reminder of the days when brute power and Aussie innovation ruled the yard.


Book Reviews
Simple Stonescaping
by Phillip Raines
Simple Solutions Storage Space
by Coleen Cahill
Design Your Own Furniture From Concept To Completion
by Jim Stack