Issue Number 67

May 2003


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Round Top Occasional Table

One Candle Power

Canteen Table with a
Touch of Brass

Three from a Stack —
Bench Seat

Custom-fit Noticeboards


Table of Contents

Renovation & Building

Save Energy, Save Money
Cool Communities
by John Ross
With the assistance of the Australian Greenhouse Office, community groups around Australia are learning how to save energy and money.

Building on Sloping Sites
Minimise the cost of building on a sloping site by utilising innovative products that offer substantial savings in time and material.

Heaters to Keep You Warm This Winter
This season’s heating appliances offer greater sophistication in looks and performance.

The Not Too Difficult Art of Adding a Bathroom - 4
Let there be light and air. Adding a window and ventilation to the completed bathroom.

Concrete Stairs
by Scott Bauer
Though very practical and durable, concrete stairs do require a fair degree of planning.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 32
Illegal wiring. Electrical feedback.

Plumb Simple - 5
Copper and plastic cold and hot water pipes.



DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Tuscan Style and Colour with Dulux
Transform your home’s exterior and interior with Dulux’s Special Effects range.

The Triton Workshop
Novel Use for the Triton Dust Unit
by John Kerr
John describes how he used his Triton Dust Collection canister to empty the water out of a hole in his backyard!
Hills District Triton User Group Inc Castle Hill NSW
Formed in 2001, this Club is well organised with meetings, workshop sessions, newsletter and magazine.

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
How to Bag and Render
Bag brickwork with cement mortar for a Mediterranean look or create a rendered finish with textured paint.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller
Cutting Metal — Using Snips.
Though snips are simple to operate, there are a few tricks involved in achieving good results and minimising the risk of injury.



Canteen Table with a Touch of Brass
by A Wiseman
This attractive furniture item provides safe and accessible storage for cutlery and a tea service.

One Candle Power
by David Haskett
A follow-on project to last issue’s candelabra, the construction of this candle holder includes pop-rivetting.

Round Top Occasional Table
by A Toomey
An attractive and useful table for that odd corner of the room.

Reviving Dead Paint Brushes
by John Kerr
With John’s method, you may never have to throw out a brush again.

Improving a Slot Car Track
by Eris Kennedy
Soldered connections and a permanent baseboard can transform your child’s toy from a source of severe frustration to the best entertainment in the house.

Three from a Stack — Bench Seat
by Leigh Brown
A different design to make a sturdier outdoor bench seat.

Tips for a Clearer Picture
by Craig Tilley
Installing your own antenna can be a simple task once you know how.

Clean Mags in Half the Time
by Pat Crowe
A modified brush and a cordless drill makes quick work of an awkward chore.

Custom-fit Noticeboards
by David Haskett
If you have an odd space where you could use a noticeboard, David describes how to make your own.

Brass Numbers
by Pat Crowe
If you can’t find brass numerals to your liking, it is easy enough to make some from brass scrap .


Book Reviews
Home Storage Projects - Creative Solutions for Every Room in the House
by Paul Anthony
The Art & Craft of Stonework
by David Reed
Tiling - The Installation Handbook
by Edward R Lipinski
Picture Perfect Framing
by Katie DuMont