Issue Number 66

March 2003


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Slab Coffee Tables

X-Legged Outdoor Stool


Qubelock Rabbit Cage


Table of Contents

Renovation & Building

Save Energy, Save Money
Better Windows for a Better View
by John Ross
Builder Glenn Dorbush invested in high performance windows so that he could keep his magnificent views over Melbourne, the beaches and the mountains, rather than shut them out.

IronFest 2003
Lithgow’s annual metal arts and crafts festival to be held at the State Mine Heritage Park, 26-27 April.

Doors and Fashion
As decorating styles diversify, doors are being made in an ever increasing range of types and designs to suit virtually any decor and purpose.

Landscaping for a Dry Climate
Changing the style of your garden can keep it looking great, even in very dry conditions. With hardy plants, mulch, shade trees and paving, you can create a relaxing and interesting garden which requires less water and maintenance.

The Not Too Difficult Art of Adding a Bathroom - 3
Fitting out the bathroom, in readiness for the plumber and electrician.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 31
Electrical current and frequency.

Sustainable Renovation — Learn from the Experts
Sustainable Houses - Renovating Your Home national seminar series 26 May - 5 June.

Improving Task Lighting
by Glenn Roberts
Changing lamps to achieve better lighting is a good idea in the workshop as well as the home.

Plumb Simple - 4
Banging pipes — the problems of loose saddles and water hammer, and how to fix them.



DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Drought Tolerant Plants
Bunnings Warehouse’s new nursery ranges assist in reducing water consumption in the garden.

The Triton Workshop
An Exercise in Stop Blocks — Ye Olde Biplane
by John Clark
Using a series of stop block jigs, this toy biplane can be ‘mass-produced’ for schools, fairs and charities.
Triton in Japan
by Steve Liston
The Triton Club phenomenon has arrived in Japan with the formation of the first Japanese Club last December.

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Build a Storage Chest
Make a custom-sized timber chest to store blankets, toys or sports gear.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller
Cutting Metal — Using a Hacksaw.
Since a hacksaw is quite different to a wood saw, it is easy to misuse it, with dire results. With a few tips and a basic understanding of the design of the hacksaw, you’ll be cutting metal quickly and easily.



The Lowdown on Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles are available in a range of colours, quality and prices to suit residential, as well as commercial, applications. They’re easier to lay than broadloom carpet, and individual tiles can be replaced in the event of permanent damage such as a stain or burn.

Slab Coffee Tables
by Peter Dorman
Convert an ordinary timber slab into a stunning coffee table, using basic tools and techniques.

Three from a Stack — X-legged Outdoor Stool
by Leigh Brown
Offcuts from a neighbour’s pergola were used to make this sturdy outdoor stool or bench seat.

Candle Power
by David Haskett
This brazed metal candelabra makes an attractive centre tablepiece and can be made in the home workshop.

Qubelock Rabbit Cage
by Eris Kennedy
A metalworking project without welding, this durable aluminium cage can be adapted to various larger pets.

Fitting and Maintaining Doors
by Paul M Johnson
Tips and tricks to successfully hanging and repairing doors, and making them operate smoothly.


Book Reviews
Making Arbors and Trellises
by Marcianne Miller & Olivier Rollin
Making Doll's Houses
by Brian Nicholls
Water gardening for Beginners
by Derek Fell