Issue Number 65

January 2003


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Saw Scabbards

Traditional Slat Bed

Saw Trestle

Photographer's Table Top Cove

Triton helicopter


Table of Contents

Renovation & Building

Save Energy, Save Money
Saving Water by Buying Wisely
by John Ross
In addition to assessing appliances by their power consumption rating, John recommends we also look at the water conservation rating of dishwashers, washing machines and showerheads.

Save Energy, Save Money
ecoSelect Timber
by John Ross
As a building material, timber takes less energy to produce and decreases, not increases, greenhouse gases. ecoSelect is part of a new Australian campaign to encourage use of timber from sustainable sources.

’Natural Edge’ Timber Benchtops
A single custom benchtop led to a new range of kitchen designs for Nepean Kitchens.

Beautiful Timber Flooring
Timber flooring — from Australian hardwoods, imported softwoods and hardwoods, and cork — is hard-wearing, easy-to-maintain and low allergy.

The Not Too Difficult Art of Adding a Bathroom - 2
Framing up a second bathroom, making allowance for the plumbing.

Upstairs Storage
Attic ladders are just one of the considerations when using your roof space for storage.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 30
Fluorescent lighting.

Plumb Simple - 3
The earth connection and household plumbing.



DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Water and the Environment
Water-saving showerheads and the use of soil wetters to keep your garden green.

The Triton Workshop
Triton Releases Guides for Router
Toymaker’s Triton
by Jim Spittles
Warrnambool Helicopter
by John Clark

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Build a Bookcase
Make a timber bookcase to custom fit your room and storage needs.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller
Abrasive Papers and Machines — glass, garnet, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide for hand sanding and belt, orbital, disc, random and detail sanders.



Make Your Own Saw Scabbards
by Rudolf Scheerle
Saws last much longer when protected in a scabbard. You can quickly make your own from offcuts.

Traditional Slat Bed
by Bert Toomey
A double bed that disassembles when not required — ideal for a guest bedroom!

How to get the Most Out of Cartridge Adhesives and Sealants
by Glenn Roberts
Some tips on how to reduce wastage when using cartridge products.

A Cheap Fix for a Cheap Watch
by Pat Crowe
For sentimental reasons Pat wanted to keep his fake Rolex, but it wasn’t worth the expense of taking it to a watchmaker. With a little workshop ingenuity he was able to get it going again.

Three from a Stack — Saw Trestle
by Leigh Brown
A neighbour’s pergola offcuts yielded three handy items, starting with this saw horse.

Estimating with a Spreadsheet
by Ken Rolph
A basic spreadsheet, available in many home computer software packages, can save you time and money when estimating materials.

Making a Photographer’s Table Top Cove
Improve your shots with this handy backdrop.

Dirty Work
by Pat Crowe
A novel application for an old sander.


Book Reviews
Quick & Easy Custom Cabinets
by Anthony Guidice
Acceptable Standards of Domestic Construction
by The Acceptable Standards of Domestic Construction Committee
Decking - A Practical Step-By-Step Guide
by Graham Quick and Jenny Hardy
Sheds, Gazebos and Outbuildings

by Philip Schmidt