Issue Number 64

November 2002


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Display Case

Short Step Ladder

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Table of Contents

Renovation & Building

Save Energy, Save Money
Rylstone Shire’s Mud Brick Houses
by John Ross
What started as an experiment (or two) has become part of the character of Rystone Shire NSW where mud brick is as accepted as brick veneer.

TermiFlor Termite Resistant Flooring
CSR’s latest building product gives termites even less to eat.

Are You Tired of Turn It Down?
by Wendy Parker
A great Home Theatre is more than a bigger set of speakers. The experts tell us what’s involved from the floor up.

The Not Too Difficult Art of Adding a Bathroom - 1
A second bathroom is not only very convenient but it can also add significant value to your home.

Plumb Simple - 2
The meter, main stop cock and service line.

Weathertightness - Identification of Risk
The nine main areas of water penetration

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 29
The importance of the lighting layout and the differences between uplights, downlights and suspended light fittings.



DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Beat the Dry This Summer
Water-saving products to keep your garden green and colourful this summer.

The Triton Workshop
Timber + Triton = Toys = Fun for Kids
by John Clark
The members of the Warrnambool Triton Woodworkers VIC, use their Triton equipment for a good cause.

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Creative Use of Shadecloth
With a hot summer approaching, now’s the time to put shadecloth to good use, providing much needed shading and screening around the yard.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller
Chisels and punches — from traditional chisels to modern ‘universal’ tools plus a look at all-metal chisels and various punches. What to select and when to use it.



Folk Art Work Box
by Keith Hudson
This simple elegant design, based on a ladies’ hatbox, is not only attractive, but practical too. Decorate as you wish to create a utility box or a treasured possession.

How to Fix Your Old Double Hung Windows
by Paul M Johnson
With a little know-how it’s easy to fix a double hung window so that it operates just like new.

Display Case
by Eris Kennedy
If you have a prized possession you wish to display, this lexan and timber design offers a perfect solution.

Taking a Step Up
by David Haskett
Solid construction and a hand steady makes this short step ladder safer to use.

A Saga of Two Bolts
by Pat Crowe
Persistence and ingenuity paid off in making up replacements for two bolt-like fittings.

The Remarkable Allsaw 150
Nine years after we first previewed the prototype, the Allsaw is now in the power tool stores.

Office Accessories
by John Newman
With a little timber and some time in the workshop, you can produce your own sturdy desk top items, to suit a home or business office.

With the Strength of 10 Men
by Pat Crowe
A little school physics transformed the impossible into the possible, and pulled this stump right out of the ground!


Book Reviews
Windows and Doors
by Scott McBride
Painting and Finishing
by Michale Dresdner
The Metal Craft Book
by Janice Eaton Kilby and Deborah Morgenthal