Issue Number 62

July 2002


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Sack Truck

Recycle Old Cooler

Computer Bureau

Simple Coffee Table

Paper Towel Holder


Table of Contents

Renovation & Building

Save Energy, Save Money
Living Without Air Conditioning
by John Ross
This home needs no heating or cooling, yet it is located in Victoria’s snow country.

Workshop & Storage Sheds
Preparation and planning are essential if you want the maximum benefit from your new shed.

Build If You Dare
by Norm Verity
Home warranty insurance continues to pose a major concern to builders and renovators.

And Space to Live In
by Hilary Loftus
Building a new home involves the stress of selling the old one.

It Takes Two to Tango
Using a carpenter’s gauge and a band saw to solve the problem of cutting uniform curves and circles.

Don’t Dump It, Paint it!
by Bert Toomey
Good as new furniture at a fraction of the cost.

From the Workshop to the Kitchen
Microplane tools venture out of the shed.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored — 27
Why can’t I do my own house wiring?



DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Seal Out Draughts This Winter!
A great range of sealing products for almost any application, plus a nifty new floor vent.

The Triton Workshop
Power Cord Suspender
by Rudolf Scheerle
Make this handy four-way power cord suspender for the workshop, from bits out of the waste bin.
Saw Guard Retainer
by Bob Ellis
Toowoomba Triton Owner’s Club Toowoomba QLD

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Create Professional Timber Joints.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller
Toolbox hammers — from claw and ball pein to lump and mallet. How to use a hammer and look after it.

User Report
Lightning Clamp

by Ken Davidson
An Australian made quick grab/release clamp with a host of applications.

User Report
Metabo Power Grip

by Scott & Sharlene Bauer
A go-anywhere small drill/driver to please everyone!



Wooden Ladder Repairs
by Pat Crowe
A few simple repairs can restore a ladder to service.

A Truck with Tradition
by Lindsay G Collins
The sack truck may have been replaced by the forklift, but they’re still very useful and making one is an interesting project.

How to Install a Patio Door Lock
by Cal Todd
Improve your home security in less than half an hour.

Recycle That Old Cooler
by Pat Crowe
Some ideas on how to give a second life to the ubiqitous Bonaire portable evaporative air cooler.

Computer Bureau for the Home
by A Wiseman
A tidy solution for your home computer

The Very Simple Coffee Table
by David Haskett
This table is so simple, yet attractive and functional. Make one up in a hurry if you need it or teach your kids how to make it.

Paper Towel Holder
by Leigh Brown
A simple project on which to practice your hand tool skills and a practical addition to any workshop.


Book Reviews
Setting Tile
by Michael Byrne
Small Engine Care & Repair
by Daniel London
Floors and Stairs
by Mark Corke
Masonry and Plastering
by Mike Lawrence
by Julian Cassell and Peter Parnham