Issue Number 6

June 1992


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Toy Tank for the little General

A Simple Cradle

Making an Ergonomic Desk
for your Computer

An A-Frame Pergola


Table of Contents

The Cutting Edge
Guide to selection and use of electric saws

Build an Army
by Garry Doran
Woodworking project -- toy tank

Small is Powerful
Guide to air tools

A Simple Cradle
by Len Davis
Woodworking project

A Safer Paint Finish for the Nursery

House Lids Roofs
Technical Feature

A Simple Computer Desk
by Dave Harper
Woodworking project

Making an Ergonomic Desk for Your Computer
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking Project

Living with a Computer
by Austin Barrage
The ergonomics of using a computer

Building a Home for Bluey
Project -- a dog kennel

An A-Frame Pergola
by Jacqueline Barry
Woodworking project

Easier Home Construction
Review of roof trusses, kit homes and manufactured homes

A Terrace-House Renovation

Surviving the Heat
by Jim McKenzie
Welding safety

System 32
Cabinetry system

Book Reviews
Making Dolls' Houses in 1/12 Scale
by Brian Nickolls
Easy-to-Make Wooden Toys
by Terry Forde
Fun-to-Make Wooden Toys
by Terry Forde
Bricklaying, A Homeowner's Ilustrated Guide
by Charles R Self

The Back Page
by Richard Clark, Trend Timbers Pty Ltd