Issue Number 57

September 2001


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Home Sauna

Make Your Own Sash Clamps

Take Anywhere Toolbox

Cat Tower

Art Storage Box


Table of Contents


Home Sauna For Less Than $2000
by A Barnes
Most of us would love to have a home sauna — doing it yourself can make it a lot more affordable.

The Triton Workshop
Strawberry tower, length stop for sliding extension table, Triton Woodworkers Club Holmesglen VIC.

Pair of Sash Clamps
by John Newman
Every workshop needs a pair of sash clamps, and if you’re into metalworking, you can make your own.

MitrePlan (Mitre10)
Hang a Timber Door.

‘Take Anywhere’ Toolbox
by Craig Tilley
This simple project will protect your tools for years and make them much easier to carry.

Cat Tower and Scratching Post
by Alan Stewart
You can’t buy this tower in a pet store, but your cat will love you for building one.

Painting Q & A
by Noel Cole
How much paint do I need!

Fan Fix
by Craig Tilley
A repair to save replacement.

Art Storage Box
by David Haskett
A portable case to carry and protect your paintings.



HIA Australian Housing Awards 2001
Selected winners from this year’s prestigious HIA awards.

Buy Better With Bags
More building materials come in bags than you might realise.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 22
Working with multimeters.

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Beginner’s Guide to Bonsai — a simple project to get you started.

Electric Planers
One of the less common power tools in the home workshop, they have their uses and come in a variety of models.

Reader Hints & Tips
Easier gluing, sandpaper cleaner and offcut boxes.

Save Energy, Save Money
by John Ross
Efficient and effective lighting — everything you should know about lamp selection and placement.

Seen at the National Hardware Show...
Some of the new products which hopefully will appear soon at your local hardware store.

DIY For Girls
by Susan Owen
Renovating with wood and using leverage.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller
Routers - 2.
Pilot bearings, depth of cut and trenching tips.

Book Reviews
Better Home and Gardens Mini Workshop Series
by Better Homes and Gardens
Timber for Projects and Hobbies
by John Stacpoole

Air Tools: How to choose, use and maintain them
by Rick Peters
Water Gardens in a Weekend
by Peter Robinson