Issue Number 54

March 2001


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Garden Arch

Custom Gutter Guard

Give Your CDs a Home

Laundry Safety Cabinet

Folding Card Table


Table of Contents


Rose or Garden Arch for Privacy & Charm
by David Haskett
An ideal weekend project for the garden.

Custom Gutter Guard
by John Newman
How to make your own gutter guard.

The Easy Guide To Installing Your Own Insulation
by Bradford Insulation

Painting Q & A
by Noel Cole
Painting metal so that it won’t flake off, why two coats of acrylic equal one of enamel, and why acrylic is preferred on aluminium.

DIY For Girls
by Susan Owen
First in a series on home renovation, with tips and anecdotes.

Give Your CDs A Home
by Craig Tilley
A quick project that provides safe attractive storage for your important CDs.

Laundry Safety Cabinet
by Craig Tilley
At last, a lockable cabinet for all those dangerous laundry chemicals.

Table of Many Uses
by A Wiseman
This folding card table also doubles as an afternoon tea or party table.

Installing a Dishwasher — Without Replacing the Kitchen
by Pat Crowe



Floor Tiles!
Everything you need to know before you choose your floor tiles.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 19
Data wiring - 2.

English Tapes
by L G Collins
There is a difference?

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
The Garage Makeover -2 More storage ideas, plus floor coverings, security and DIY garage door openers.

Tools & Tips
by Les Miller
Drill accessories — drills, screwdriver bits, holesaws and sanding accessories.

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Paint the Outside of Your Home.

Fastening Secrets
How to make sure something stays up when you put it up.

Save Energy, Save Money
by John Ross, Integral Energy
Air Condition Wisely — your air conditioning should be effective, rather than expensive.

The Benefits of the Plough
by Pat Crowe
Modern day uses for an age old tool.

Fixing Chairs
by L L Brown
A few ideas for a common household repair.

Book Reviews
Framing Basics
by Rick Peters
Complete Patio Book
by Southern Living
Constructing Staircases, Balustrades & Landings
by William P Spence