Issue Number 53

January 2001


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Recycled Corner Lounge Table

Tapestry Table

Mirror in the Bedroom

Desktop Easel

Shelving in the Workshop


Table of Contents


Recycled Corner Lounge Table
by John Newmann
A sturdy lounge table from recycled Crow's Ash.

MitrePlan (Mitre10)
Build a Cubby House

Tapestry Table
by David Haskett

User Report
Aushorse System

by Robert McDonald
This Australian designed and manufactured system takes a standard docking saw and creates a fully transportable docking shop.

Mirror Frame Tames Traffic
by Craig Tilley
A mirror or two in the children's rooms or otherwise will help ease traffic congestion in the bathrooms.

Desktop Easel
by David Haskett
An artist's wish makes a simple workshop project.

Workshop Shelving Removes Frustration
by Craig Tilley
Simple shelving to keep the workshop clutter in order.

Bathroom Tales
by Pat Crowe
The dripping tap and the tiny screw.



Small Saws
Lighter and easier to control, saws 7 1/2" and under make a lot of sense.

Learning About Electricity without getting bored - 18
Data Wiring

Andy's Toolbox
by A Horacek
Cheap Corner Clamps

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
The Garage Makeover

Masonry - More than just bricks
Know the differences in brick, block and stone and make your home stand out.

Power Tools for Masonry Projects
Do it the easy way.

Save Energy, Save Money
by John Ross, Integral Energy
Insulate for Comfort. Keep out noise, heat and cold.

Clutter or Cash
by Greg Struck
How to run a successful garage sale.

Tools and Tips
by Les Miller
Selecting and Using a Drill Press

User Report
Ultrasonic Dimension Pro

by Martin Moore

Book Reviews
Building Outdoor Play Structures
by Keith McGuire
Over 150 Essential Jigs, Aids & Devices for Today's Woodworker
by VJ Taylor