Issue Number 50

July 2000


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Smart & Simple Side Table

Music Stand

Stand and Storage Unit

Ergonomic Chair

CD Case and Stereo Base


Table of Contents


Smart & Simple Side Tables
by Craig Tilley
Custom make these side tables to suit your furniture.

Hitting a High Note Mark II
by David Haskett
A wooden music stand with simplified construction, for home or school use.

Beaut' Bowyangs
by Carol Rix
Bowyangs are a piece of Australiana, but they also very practical for the home handyperson and easy to make.

User Report
Kennards Hire 2000psi Pressure Blaster

by Paul Dennison

Readers Hints & Tips
Removable covers for sliding door tracks and makeshift tools for laying pavers.

Get Your Act Together
by Craig Tilley
A stand and storage unit to hold all your drilling tools and accessories.

Fun with an Ergonomic Chair
by Alan Stewart
Certain not to win any awards, this attempt at building an ergonomic chair was an interesting exercise.

CD Case and Stereo Base
by Bert Toomey
If your CD collection has grown like topsy, use this handy storage unit to restore some order.



Stop the Noise!
A basic guide to sound insulation in and around the home.

An Introduction to Feng Shui
by Terri Rew
An ancient Chinese science, Feng Shui is now being applied to Western style homes.

Safety in the Children's Bedroom
Simple details can make your child's bedroom a much safer place.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 15
Multimeter basics - Pt.2.

Andy's Toolbox
by A Horacek

Destroying Damp
Problem damp will destroy your home and its contents, but it can be prevented.

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Plasterboard Projects are the Ideal Winter Project

Owner Builders Are You Fully Insured?
by Norm Verity, Owner Builder Services Pty Ltd
The latest developments and improvements in owner builder insurance.

MitrePlan (Mitre10)
Build Your Dog a Kennel

Save Energy, Save Money
by John Ross, Integral Energy
Wonderful Windows

Book Reviews
Router Workshop Bench Reference
by Zachary Taylor
Doormaking: A Do-It-Yourself Guide
by John Birchard