Issue Number 5

March 1992


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For the Postman

Built-In Cupboard for

Sports Coupe Toy Car

Shoji - Japanese Sliding Screens

The Lumber Lumbar Chair

Build a Brick Barbeque

Making a Simple Traditional Desk


Table of Contents

A Mail Box
by John Swinkel
Woodworking project

Using Air to Power Your Tools

Where to put the Microwave Oven
by Stuart Sime
Woodworking project -- built-in cupboard

Sports Coupe
by Bruce Searant
Woodworking project -- toy car

The Ubiquitous Electric Drill
Guide to selection and use of electric drills

High Level Interior Decorating Ceilings
Technical Feature

Shoji - Sliding Screens from Japan
Woodworking project

Tips & traps in Buying a House (Pt IV)
by S Bauer

The Lumber Lumbar Chair
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking Project

Build a Brick Barbecue
by Neil Dunstan
Bricklaying project

Making a Simple Traditional Desk
by James E Cochrane
Woodworking project

Paint - A Coat for All Seasons
Introduction to paint coatings

Developments at the Switchboard
RCDs and overvoltage arrestors

Book Reviews
Gifts from the Woodshop
by R J De Christoforo
One-Weekend Country Furniture Projects
by Percy W Blandford
Making Movable Wooden Toys
by Alan and Gill Bridgewater

The Back Page
by Geoff Stewart, CSR Wood Panels